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3 Indian Homes Adorned with Natural Materials

Human beings are comfortable in an environment that is closer to nature. It is why human beings feel more relaxed and comfortable when they witness the greenery and the beautiful horizons at dawn. Therefore, it is only natural that the places they live are more closely associated with nature.  Today we will brief you on Indian house exterior design in detail.

Apart from these effects that nature has on human beings, the materials from nature are also very reliable. Substances like stones, wood oxides, and a million other things all offer the same three things: sustainability, durability, and substances that are easy to work on. These natural elements are more preferred to synthetically engineered substances because they are eco-friendly to the environment. Unlike other synthetic, engineered materials which cause harm to the environment, these materials do not. Another important reason for using eco-friendly and natural materials is that they induce a calming effect on the surroundings of that room and the people within that room. 

Not only are these elements locally present, but they are also versatile and can be used in a variety of manners. Besides providing a unique aesthetic to the interior designs of the house, they also cut the energy usage and cost of the materials that are used. 

India is a vast nation, and there are a lot of unique architectural designs present within the country. Here we will discuss 3 Indian homes where earthy natural materials have been used prominently. So let’s get into it!

A House Designed by Group DCA

Indian house exterior design at a glance, a house designed by DCA looks quite simplistic and yet aesthetically pleasing. The use of natural elements such as brick walls, stone flooring, and sandblasted wood creates a hearty natural environment. The house was built for a family of several generations, meaning that people of all age groups live in the house. As a result, the beautiful house has been blended with unique styles of ethnic nature along with a modern aesthetic. This concept can be seen on the house’s entrance, a small, simple wooden door that induces an immediate sense of nature.

A central Circulation spine has been incorporated in this house to make the navigation around the property a breeze. It allows you to enter the room of choice without being confused about where and what to do if you need something. The central circulation spine has also been covered with wooden planks and bricks to give an aesthetically pleasing look that brings you closer to nature. In front of the main door, you will find a living area created attractively. The living area has been enclosed in a glass window-type structure, giving it a roomier and aerated look and feel. Towards the left side, you will find an open-plan dining room along with the kitchen and the family lounge. The corridor will eventually lead you to the primary bedroom design, the bedroom of parents, and the bedroom for the children.

A House by Wright Inspires

This home was predominantly built on the mindset that nature is of utmost importance. Therefore the interior design of this home has been made with one focus only, and that is to incorporate this house with natural elements to produce an absolute Eco-friendly environment within the house. The essential elements that have been exclusively used to represent and incorporate a more natural look include Terracotta blocks on the walls. Apart from these blocks, Kota and Jaisalmer Stones have been used on the floors. It makes the floor give off a monochromatic yet aesthetically beautiful shiny surface. A unique stone has also been used, known as the Magadi stone, for cladding walls. It has been contrasted with wood accents on the wall, furniture, and staircase treads.

This house has been made to sync with the natural environment and produce an eco-friendly space within the home. The use of natural stones and materials creates a warm and loving home. The Terracotta stones create a nice earthy feel, and it also has energy-saving light bulbs to conserve electricity. It also has many windows to incorporate natural light within the home, creating an ambiance that is both welcoming and aesthetically pleasing.

House by Uncut Design Lab

The uncut design lab has designed this house with a unique mindset of having an eco-friendly interior, so the wood has been pressed. The house entrance consists of a lovely and decorative wood-made Gable. The door trims have been carved from wood, the details on the Foyer ceiling have been made with wood. Two dark columns are made from wood on the entrance between the ceiling and the oxide-covered sitting place, otherwise known as a verandah. Like other houses that use natural elements, this house also uses laterite Stones for cladding the walls of the house. It has two particular advantages on the walls, the primary one being that it creates a sense of depth in the room. The second advantage of having a natural stone cladding on the wall is that it provides extra protection and tactility to the dining and living rooms.

Apart from these natural elements, a particular type of tile has also been used, known as athangudi tile. This tile produces various special effects within the room, including vibrancy and a beautiful kick of colors to the dining room, kitchen, and bedrooms. In addition, all the furniture incorporated within the house is purely made from wood; the same goes for the cabinetry. These elements combine to provide a simplistic and honest appeal with a feel of an eco-friendly environment within the home’s interior design.


Nature is a beautiful and precious thing that we must cherish. Incorporating these Indian house exterior design ideas into our homes and interior designs brings calmness and simplicity to our lives. Using these natural elements induces positive characters in our mind and body; they also have other industrial benefits. For example, they are cheaper and easier to use. They can also be available in local markets. Therefore, you wouldn’t need to spend a lot of money on labor costs. All these homes have been made with a similar mindset: incorporating nature brings calmness and makes the house more pleasing to the human eye. 

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