Effect of interior paint colors on human mood

Do you know, painting colours have a great impact on human mode?  It plays a vital role in your happiness and day-to-day activity. Different colors give you different types of energy. That is the reason experience interior designers play with colors to give you different types of energies. whether it is your bedroom, living room, or any other part of the interior. painting colours matters a lot. In this article, we will study the effects of paint colors on human mood.  So, let’s start with the best paint color for a home interior.

To move onward, it is important to discuss some basic categories of paint colors. Normally colors are divided into different categories like cool, warm, and neutral paint color. Cool Color consists of Blue and Green colors. Warm colors consist of yellow, red, and orange. While neutral colors consist of Black, white, gray, and brown. It depends upon you, to select a category for your interior.


If you are looking for the best interior painting colours ideas, white is 1st option to opt for. White is the color that illuminates everything in your interior. It is best for everywhere in the interior. painting ideas with white makes your home spacious and open.  The transformative effect will glow with every nonwhite thing inside the space. White color provides light and energy. Also, it creates calm effects in the space. Besides this, white paint can easily reflect someone’s attention. You can opt for different color schemes with white.


Gray belongs to the natural color family. You can paint it everywhere in the space. Gray color give energy. Also, it creates warmth if mixed with warm colors. Mixing gray color with yellow will create a brownish effect. Which will give a subtle environment. If your home is facing east and west, gray is the best option.


If you want to maintain your blood pressure lower, Blue is the best option to paint your interior with. Blue painting colours slows down your heart rate and respiration and gives your interior a soothing effect. Painting your bedroom and bathroom with blue will give you an extra source of energy and relax your mind. It is one of the best colors used for offices and workspaces to provide relaxation, Safety, extra energy & recuperation. It makes workers dependable as well as trustworthy.


If you want to paint your interior with natural and cool colors. There is no best option other than green. According to researchers, Green color reduces stress and produces a calming effect. It represents life and growth. If you need extended concentration in workspaces or living areas. Green is the best option to paint with. Some common places where green color produces amazing effects are study places like libraries, Workspaces, bedrooms, etc. Besides this, the green color also produces positive emotions. Different types of green paint are sage green, darker green, less bright green, etc.


If your room does not get enough light yellow is the best color to paint with it. Painting your bedroom or any other interior promotes happiness. Also, it captures the joy of sunshine. It is worth mentioning while painting your interior with yellow, always care for the quantity. Adding more yellowish colors can produce anxiety and frustration. Also, It is recommended to hang some type of wall art on the yellow painted walls to remove the overwhelming effect created by yellow. The best area to paint with yellow is play areas and exercise rooms.


Orange color falls in the warmth color category. It gives your interior a warm look. Orange color in the interior gives you the ability to stimulate as well as a fresh wave of energy. Being one of the favorite social colors it promotes energy among you via communication and interaction. Orange colors evoke enthusiasm and promote healthy activities in the workspace. That is the reason orange is the best color choice for gym areas, playrooms, and exercise rooms. Also, you can paint your kid’s room, kitchen, and family room with this type of paint color to promote healthy activities.

Some other paint colors

A lot of other painting colours are available. Like red, black, purple, pink, gray, and metallic. Each of these paint colors has different effects on human mood. Like red color increase energy in the space, and stimulate anger, passion, love, and power. Pink increases creativity and reflects kindness as well as love. Purple increases sophistication in the workspaces. Grey creates warmth and comfort.  While metallic color promotes creativity and excitement.

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