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Five Antique Wall Decor Ideas You Should Try Now

Not all of us are found a vintage house interior design . However, we’ve to admit that antique home decoration looks extremely unusual and might turn even the dullest space into a charming and cozy place. And if you’re a fan of big antique pieces, you just cannot resist adding some vintage wall decoration to your home. Here are wall decor ideas that black space using a unique collection of antique pieces.

Use Antique Mirrors for wall decor

The next wall decor ideas that we are sharing here is mirror. Mirrors are elegant and simple ways to add space, style, and light to a room. Using unique antique mirrors, you can make a collage of ornate frames, unique shapes, and colorful patinas. Insert a mirror above a credenza to concentrate the room and enhance lighting and place. 

If you’ve a collection of antique mirrors of various sizes and shapes, put them combine in a mirror cluster for a bold and style take. With an antique mirror cluster, we recommended building the layout on the floor first.

This allows you to experiment with several arrangements to see which mirror style looks best before committing the wall. One more lovely way is to cluster ornate hand-held mirrors to make a quirky accent wall. This works truly well for small rooms – leading bathroom and reading nooks.

Antler Mounts

A true Ski Country favorite adoring with antler mounts to make the ultimate Ski Chalet touch. Mounts have forever been famous decoration elements and it is no wonder why – they put a lovely element of nature and attach to the outdoors.

We love styling mounts around other major art pieces or hung over a fireplace or sideboard. If you are not a fan of the full head, look for European mounts. This showcases only the antlers and a smart area of the skull.

Antique Bread Boards

We love have incorporating touches from the past into contemporary house interior design. Wooden breadboards are an ideal wall decor ideas to evoke a sense of pastoral elegance and look spot-on in a dining room or kitchen. These antique boards often have a charming patina from their years of use that’s certainly worth showcasing.

So, how on the surface do you make something like a breadboard? Try using geometric lines to guide your setup and make a grouping of boards. If your board in kitchen has a loop on the handle, just hand the board for an elegant look. Or you can try screwing little hooks on the back and then installing them to make floating touch.

Tin Panels

Do you love the farmhouse look? Add farmhouse touch to your home walls by installing salvaged roof tin panels. The distressed paint and tin add to the shabby well-groomed touch, making them ideal for the living area, above the staircase, a bedroom, a bathroom – anyplace really.

You can renovate them by installing many panels in a rectangle or square shape. Or create the panel at the start of the space by installing it alone over a couch or table. Perch it atop the fire area mantle with a bouquet. Several straight lines in the space, just hang it from the corner to change up the style. 

Antique Skis, Poles, and Snowshoes

Antique skis, poles, and snowshoes make fine good decorations because of their stunning history and ability to battle a lot of wall space. For all those who cannot get enough of ski season, they are nostalgic reminders of winter the entire year.

Skies pieces can be crossed to make a more visually matching center point or you can hang every antique ski as you see perfect fit – parallel, horizontal, or an angle. Mounting poles next to them is a wonderful trend to add the complete look.

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