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How to arrange a living room with two sofas

It is beneficial to increase the number of seats in the living room if you enjoy entertaining. What if you thought about purchasing a second sofa instead of gathering all the chairs in your home as usual? Here are some useful and beautiful landscaping ideas to unite your tribe.

Installing two sofas in the living room is the answer to enjoying a place that is both relaxed and quite sociable. No, this choice is not, despite what the general public thinks, only available for XXL spaces! In many cases, it’s even the best option for furnishing a little, cozy living space.

Two Sofas in the Living Room

The Multiple Arrangements for Two Sofas in the Living Room | #Two Sofas in the Living Room

two sofas in the living room

The best location to assemble your loved ones is still in your living room, whether you’re planning a meal, an aperitif, or a family game night. Sometimes a single sofa is insufficient. If your living room is large enough, adding a second sofa can be a nice idea. The ideal plan is the first step in designing a fashionable and practical living room with two sofas. The traditional face-to-face arrangement is not the only option! Yes, you can choose an L-shaped or wide-angle layout based on the room’s configuration.

How Do You Pick the Ideal Sofa Arrangement? | #Two Sofas in the Living Room

To set up a living room with two sofas, you must first determine how much space is available. A tiny living room should not have two sofas facing each other because this would restrict airflow. Consider two modest sofas or L-shaped seats for a typical area of 30 to 40 m2. Beyond 40 m2, you can choose at your leisure the design that best meets your aesthetic preferences.

Place Two Sofas Side-by-Side in the Living Room | #Two Sofas in the Living Room

two sofas in the living room_1

If you have a busy social life in your living room, this solution is great. In fact, this setup encourages communication and interaction. The sofas naturally create a symmetrical divide in the room. Choose light, narrow couch models that you can draw closer to while not in use if you’re worried about running out of room. You can afford the luxury of putting two corner sofas face to face in a really spacious living room. This design ensures a highly comfortable and laid-back outcome.

Set Up Two L-shaped Sofas in Your Living Room as Furniture | #Two Sofas in the Living Room

two sofas in the living room_2

The L-shaped arrangement of two sofas in the living room has the advantage of properly adjusting to the available space, making it ideal for unwinding in front of the television or enjoying your gaming console. Indeed, you get to choose how many seats there will be. In a small living room, you may be able to combine two two-seater couches, but if you have a wide space, you may be able to combine a corner sofa with a three-seater sofa. This option, which is fully configurable and lets you visibly mark the space, is best suited for lofts. Remember that an L-shaped configuration requires more area than a corner sofa and may cause your home to seem crowded if the furniture occupies an excessive amount of space.

Set up Two Couches at a Wide Angle |#Two Sofas in the Living Room

two sofas in the living room_3

If your living room is vast and unfurnished, the wide-angle design may be the best option for you. The wide-angle layout, in contrast to an L-shaped arrangement, which unites two parts to make a single block, involves placing the sofas at least 40 cm apart, making it feel more airy. Adjust the two sofas in your living room as necessary to meet the space available. The end result is a sizable open area that is great for entertaining and hosting parties. If necessary, you can add one or two armchairs.

The Living Room Features Two Separate Sofas | #Two Sofas in the Living Room

It’s time to consider the appearance of your furniture once you’ve determined which configuration works best for two sofas in your living room! You can mix these colours without error if you choose to misalign the two components:

  • Yellow and brown
  • Brown and white
  • Teal and brown
  • Grey and deep blue
  • Blue and yellow light
  • Red and brown
  • Grey and green

You can use diverse textures to add personality to the living area by, for instance, selecting a brown leather sofa and a yellow fabric sofa. It has a very warm effect.

two sofas in the living room_4

The low seats will also fulfill your needs if you enjoy changing up the focal point of your living space frequently. For instance, the sofa can be customized to your preferences by using a variety of easy seats from which to pick. The low chairs in your living room are movable, allowing you to arrange the room in any way you see fit. Thus, you can either separate the fireside chairs or build a single block decorated with pouffes and chairs. Adopt a flexible sofa to ensure you’re never bored!

How Should the Living Room’s Furniture Be Arranged? | #Two Sofas in the Living Room

two sofas in the living room_5

The living room serves as the home’s focal point. Each of its inhabitants is taken into consideration when designing it. Consider your way of life in this space while planning the arrangement of the living room. There, how many people gather? Which activity is most prevalent? When in the day? Your daily life should be represented in the room diagram.

It is preferable to offer young children a free area of the floor to play in. Place the table, plates, etc., as close to the kitchen as you can if you’re having lunch or supper in this living room. Determine the proper distance between your sofa and the TV as well.

A sofa facing one or two areas (armchairs, cushions, floor cushions, etc.) And multipurpose furniture, such as a coffee table with storage or bookcase as a partition, are preferable in a small space.

If your living room serves as a haven for relaxation, position the composition so that it faces a focal point (such as a fireplace) and keep the distances between the various components to a minimum (60 cm).

In order to create a conversation-friendly area in front of the sofa, place a few armchairs or even two sofas if the floor plan permits it.

Always be mindful to promote circulation, especially in a compact living space.

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