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How to Design Stunning Exterior Walls Around Your House

We consider the exterior wall design for home a reflection of the interior of our homes. However, this is not always the case. In fact, the exterior aspect of your house can be quite shocking to passersby if you do not take care in choosing beautiful home wall designs. 

Exterior wall design for home are probably the most important part of your home. Yet, when it comes to creating a stunning design, many people fail. Don’t make this mistake. Here are a few tips on what you need to do to create exterior wall designs that will amaze everyone who sees it. So, let’s get started. 

Stunning exterior wall designs

  1. Go Rustic with Hardwood Exterior Wall 

Hardwood exterior walls are one of the most popular choices for rustic-style homes. The natural materials make your home feel exotic and inviting. Numerous flexible applications can be easily utilized on these walls. The attention to detail and value are very impressive, no matter where you live. 

  1. Recalling Cultural Values with Stone Wall Design

Stone walls have been used for centuries because of their aesthetic and cultural value to decor designs. They are fireproof and can be easily incorporated into your home’s exterior design that matches the rest of your home’s décor perfectly. The fluorescent golden lights when reflecting stone walls create a beautiful light drama to your place. 

  1. Gray Concrete Exterior Design

Gray concrete is one of the most prevalent materials used in current construction because of its durability and versatility. It is usually installed as a base material that provides stability to structures like walls and columns. However, it can be used to decor your exterior walls design depending on your preferences.

  1. Update with Stucco Wall 

Stucco exterior wall design of house are a great option for contemporary home design because they offer an attractive but rough finish that is durable too. If you want to look after your exterior walls, a stucco finish may be just what you need!

  1. Modern Brick Wall Exterior 

A brick wall can be a very versatile design element. It can be used as structural support, a decorative accent, or even both at the same time. Try using brick walls in unexpected places. 

  1. Make a Statement with Black Wall 

This is an interesting idea for a house designed by Nordes. The exterior features large glass windows which are complemented by a black frame and by black walls as well. It’s an unusual combination but one that works beautifully everywhere. The exterior is contrasted by the interior which is more simple and neutral, with white walls and ceiling and light wood flooring.

  1. Set Contrast with Midcentury Wall Design

This is another example of how an exterior wall design of house can be used to create an interesting contrast with the interior décor of the house. In this case, the exterior has a midcentury modern style while the interior is more simple and modern, with white walls, white floors, and wooden beams on the ceiling. 

Look at the Overall Picture

This is something that is often overlooked when people are designing their exterior walls. Instead, they will focus on one part of the wall and forget about the rest. This could lead to a mismatch and could ultimately ruin the look of your walls. To avoid this, you will want to consider every aspect of your walls and make sure they match up with each other. For example, if you decide to paint your walls, you will have to check whether or not it matches up with other aspects of your exterior walls such as the windows or doors.

Consider Using Other Materials

If you want your exterior walls design to stand out from other houses in your area, you should consider using different materials for them rather than just bricks or concrete. You can try using wood or even glass for some parts of your wall in order to create a unique design that is unlike anything else in the neighborhood.

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