7 Best Kerala Home Interior Design Ideas!

I would say that the Kerala home interior design is one of the best styles as it implements only natural decor elements to have eco-friendly interiors. And that makes it the right name for the state “God’s own country”! 

If you wish to have a Kerala home interior design, well, I have come up with the best seven interior design tips to transform your house into a heavenly space. Want to know what are the secrets? Well, explore the article further and know for yourself!

Kerala Home Interior Design: Top 7 Ideas

1. Make Use of The Wood

When it comes to Kerala home interior design, wood is the one that plays an important role, reflecting the state’s rich tradition of wooden architecture. Many trees from local forests are used for building sustainable and natural beauty houses.

Keralam architecture is all about traditional homes that often feature beautifully designed wood paneling, flooring, and wooden accent pieces, to bring warmth and elegance. Try these ideas to make your house a natural beauty with wood!

  • Carved wooden Panels: Add dramatic carved wood as part of a room partition or along a wall.
  • Wooden Ceiling Beams: Display timber roofing to give a true rustic feel of Kerala.
  • Wood Flooring: Choose polished wood or interlocking wooden tiles.
  • Antique Wood Doors: Install antique wood doors with traditional lead.
  • Wooden frames: Use teak or rosewood frames for durability and elegance.


2. Earthy Color Tones

While choosing the color patterns for your house interiors, make sure that they are earthy natural colors. Because Kerala home interior design is largely based on the state’s landscape and natural colors.

These colors create a peaceful atmosphere thereby enhancing the mood and the best place to relax. Check out the below-mentioned decor elements that portray the natural colors and can suit best with Kerala home interior design!

  • Terracotta Tiles: Floor with terracotta tiles to create warmth and earthiness with the earthy-brown color.
  • Muted murals: Paint the walls in muted shades of blue, green, or ochre.
  • Jute Rugs: Install natural-looking jute or sisal rugs that showcase the earthy tone effectively.
  • Brass and brass tones: Use brass or brass furniture to create a warm glow.
  • Clay bedspreads: Choose bedspreads in earthy tones with traditional Kerala patterns.
  • Nature Inspired Art: Hang paintings or prints depicting the green landscapes of Kerala.


3. Bring in The Greens

Another magic decor element that makes up the best Kerala home interior design is the greeneries! Letting the greeneries into Kerala homes is quite important to reflect the green color outside. I bet plants are the most sought decor elements for Malayalis for making a healthy house interior!

Indoor plants not only act as decor elements, but they also purify the air and enhance our lifespan. I recommend choosing native species to make them easier to care for and maintain the local environment! Here are some best ideas on how to incorporate greens into Kerala home interior design.

  • Indoor plants: Keep shrubs and ferns in pots to reduce drafts and keep the air fresh.
  • Vertical Garden: Place a vertical garden on balconies or make an accent wall to have a great look with the greens.
  • Pendant planters: Use pendant planters on porches or windows.
  • Terrariums: Display terrariums with small plots on tables or shelves.
  • Plant-filled courtyard: Create a central patio with a variety of plants and a water feature.
  • Green patio: Turn your patio into a green oasis with creepers and flowering plants.


4. Add Traditional Artwork

Adding traditional artworks to your house can effectively enhance the aesthetics and pave the way for a better Kerala home interior design! The rich cultural heritage of Kerala can be captured through traditional elements like murals depicting mythology, and classical dances that adorn the walls, while hand-woven fabrics add to the charm.

Many other art pieces act as focal points and help enhance the aesthetics of your house connecting at various points through history and art. Try these ideas for making a traditional Kerala house!

  • Wall paintings: Decorate the walls with traditional Kerala-style paintings.
  • Metal Designs: Display brass lamps and metal sculptures showcasing the handicrafts of Kerala.
  • Handmade fabrics: Make cushions or throws with handmade fabrics like ‘kasavu’.
  • Folk art: Include folk art like ‘Theyyam’ masks or ‘Kathakali’ paintings.
  • Local Artist Creations: Support local artists by showcasing their Kerala-style art creations.

5. Go For an Open Space Plan

Open space plans are one of the most popular aspects of Kerala architecture, which encourages ventilation and allows interaction between people. Instead of raising walls, you can make use of the furniture to make partitions between spaces.

This design also suits the climate of Kerala and enhances the experience of communal living. Here are some of the ideas for a good Kerala home interior design.

  • Large windows: Install large windows to let in plenty of natural light and air.
  • Open Kitchen: Create an open kitchen that integrates with the dining area.
  • Integrated Living: Combine living, dining, and terraces into one spacious space.
  • Flexible room dividers: Use flexible room dividers such as curtains or portable furniture.
  • Interior Courtyard: Make space for an interior courtyard to make the best Kerala home!


6. Choose The Right Furniture

Choosing the right furniture is important while making a Kerala home interior design and for comfort as well. Traditional furniture in Kerala consists of wooden pieces with rich designs to give an attractive look.

If you wish to have a modern Kerala home interior design, you can blend style and functionality, using sustainable materials. If needed, you can also place traditional furniture in your modern house to have a unique appearance. Moreover, prioritize ergonomics and choose designs that reflect local aesthetics to meet contemporary needs.

  • Wooden hammock: The must-needed furniture in a Kerala house interior. Put a wooden hammock on the living area or patio.
  • Traditional wooden furniture: Opt for classic furniture like ‘charupadi’ (wooden bench) and ‘aranmula kannadi’ (steel mirror).
  • Rustic furniture: Choose furniture that has rustic finishes and will complement the earthy palette.


7. Opt For Minimalistic Decor Elements

Minimalism is also one of the features of a Kerala home interior design which emphasizes simplicity and space-saving design. A minimalistic approach provides a calm and uncluttered environment, ideal for relaxation and meditation.

Embrace clean lines and functional design, and let architectural and natural beauty stand out. Here are some of the best ideas to make a perfect Kerala home interior design with all the decor elements.

  • Neutral colors: Match with a neutral color palette for a clean, calm atmosphere.
  • Functional decor: Make sure every piece of decor is minimal yet it serves a purpose or function.
  • Subtle lighting: Use subtle lighting that blends with the décor.
  • Geometric patterns: Start with small geometric patterns like cushions or rugs.