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Majestic Apartment In Cosmopolitan Lifestyle

Every interior design, whether for a house, an apartment, a workplace, or a public area, should be tailored to the demands of its users. You can typically tell a lot about a person based on the interior décor they’ve picked for their house or the items they keep on their desk. This apartment was clearly created for someone who leads a sophisticated life. You can tell by the countless beautiful elements and the outstanding attention to detail, such as the way the light and shadows interact in this amazing aparment interior design . Throughout, the aesthetic is diverse. Elements from many styles and influences come together in a harmonious and diversified décor. The mirrored coffee table, the rich draperies, and the wood are all well-balanced.

This wood wall with crisscross beams is an unusual detail, yet it appears to flow in organically with the décor.Throughout the residence, there are various one-of-a-kind items and accent elements. One of them is this trendy pendant hanging above the dining table. We also like how each of the dining chairs has a different design. Their forms, patterns, colours, and textures differ, but they seem like a set when together.

The space has multiple focus points, and it’s tough to identify them all for interior design . I suppose it depends on how each individual perceives the place and what they deem strange. All of these sculptural and slightly luxurious elements are what most impresses us. You may find a wide range of accessories here that, when combined, are difficult to miss. Despite their luxurious or decorative appearance, they are put in a casual context. The apartment offers a spacious walk-in closet that is well-organized and separated. In this instance, no room can be classified as common. The kitchen has an eye-catching chandelier that distracts from the reality that the area is actually rather small.

The bathroom is no different. Its immensity may amaze, but it is undeniably beautiful. Tanju Ozelgin, the designer of the S House in Istanbul, created a contemporary interior design with a natural touch. Ozelgin was tasked with producing a global design that would satisfy the homeowner’s lifestyle while also introducing the architect’s notion of employing natural components to compliment the home’s façade. He rose to the occasion, creating a room rich in natural stone and wood textures that evoke the natural backdrop while blending modern comforts and elegant elegance.

 Each story of this house design was constructed with a different concept in mind, and due to the sloping terrain on which it rests, the top floor serves as the entryway. This storey also houses all of the home’s bedrooms, while the middle floor houses the kitchen and the bottom floor has an electronics-filled living room, a steam room, and a sauna. This floor also has access to the pool and terrace. This property mixes an urban style with a natural surroundings to create a tranquil mood throughout. The textures and materials of stone and wood provide a natural presence, but the furniture and comforts throughout provide a contemporary atmosphere. The lighting in the residence is simple, emphasising the utilisation of natural light rather than a lot of artificial light in interior design.


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