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Modern Home Exteriors- A Style Statement Standing by The Trends

You invest thousands of dollars in your home interiors every two or three years to design your dream home, but what you often neglect is the home exteriors. House exterior design is a one-time investment that would remain unchanged for years to come or probably forever.

So, you should pick the exterior design wisely. It gives your home a perfect look from the outside and pleases your mood every time you return home. You can go both traditional and contemporary ways to bump up the aesthetic touch, maintaining the on the point house look. 

Changing the home exteriors might sound daunting to you at first, but simple tweaks result in more prominent changes that will reflect the style of your abode. 

On a lighter note, home exterior designs are numerous that are worth exploring. If you are after something more modernistic designs for your exteriors, you need to focus on the following points first. 

Start with a stunning entryway

When it comes to house exterior design, always start with the front door. Choose colors at the entryway carefully. You can go for bold colors here if they contrast well with the sliding and trim doors. However, darker/lighter shades are covering your back anyways.

Add some light drama 

To enhance the exterior look with better security, nothing could be better than installing some high-quality sufficient lighting to your exteriors. You can choose stunning Chandeliers for the foyer or garage, depending on your preference. They sure come at handsome prices, but the elite touch they grant to your exteriors is just priceless. 

Then steel lamps with angular shapes are also an option. To sum it up, designing the outside of the home with beautiful lighting is an important step in achieving the look of your dream home design. 

Keep everything Symmetric and balanced 

A well-decorated home should have both symmetry and balance to its exterior look. A finely designed entryway door, windows, rooflines and symmetric walls should give a touch of balance and symmetry to the look. 

Every little detail counts for the overall exterior look of the space, so it must be designed in a way that sits pleasingly over the other exterior fixtures.

Choose exterior materials carefully 

There are countless options in material for the finest house exterior design to choose from. The vinyl siding exterior look is great to give a traditional touch. 

However, you have options such as wood, bare brick style, steel, cedar shingles and much more. Ask yourself what you like or simply take assistance from a professional architect designer. 

A welcoming garage door

A garage door look can change the whole exterior look into something very classic and stylish. Besides offering a stylish look to the home exterior, you can benefit from their safety features as well. 

Options are endless in garage doors, a high-class dark wood door with artistic handles and knobs will bring the modernistic stare to the entryway instantly. 

Do not forget landscaping

A home’s architectural design will be highlighted with the texture and color provided by plants, shrubs, and trees. It is an emotional comeback to a well-cared landscape. The use of landscaping materials is critical in defining the outside area. 

The materials used in the construction should harmonize well with those used in the architecture. The scale, color, and texture of the hardscape materials should also be taken into consideration. Color must be used to complement or contrast with the existing finishes of any exterior property.

Window trims 

It’s important to put a lot of attention into your window selections. Windows have a significant impact on both the inside and exterior appearance of a property. 

When designing a home’s windows, space, layout, size, and form are common considerations. The overall look of a home may be just as exciting and energising with the addition of window trim. 

When it comes to the house exterior design, a simple touch can make all the difference. Exterior window trim ideas may be used in a variety of ways to produce a long-lasting impression. 

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