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Top Trends in Living Room Wall Decoration

A beautiful home can change your life. Home decoration is life-enhancing and is considered frivolous because making a happy and charming home is a noble endeavor. and it is incomplete without wall decoration items. It affects everything from our self-perception to our productivity and confidence. The way we decorate the house is the opportunity to recreate our personality; it says a lot about creating beauty to uplift our senses and comfort to make us feel taken care of.  

Wall art is a vital element in the living room designs indian style wall decoration items. Beauty lies in the little things, and decorating your walls is a crucial step in the latest living room design process that helps you to liven up the space. You can turn your bare, stark walls into stylish centerpieces by bringing up your taste and personality through the things you adore. 

Innovative Wall Decoration Ideas

Designing an art wall is much more than turning it into a photo gallery that can change your mood and brighten your day. Like everyone, you may also feel difficulty creating or designing your unembellished walls into stylish ones. Following are some of the ideas that will spice up any room in a significant way and add style to the home. Innovative wall decoration must be in living room designs indian style.

  • Statement Art

Nobody wants to stare at a blank wall all day long; therefore, start brainstorming to make your life cheerful through paintings. Anything bold and daring can be classed as a statement piece that adds character and personality to a home design, making the walls unique and attention-drawing. Statement art gives a balanced and crisp main point to the room; the larger the art piece, the more casual and graphic look it will incorporate. 

  • Gallery Wall

Gallery walls very timelessly and traditionally display a collection of modern abstract painting. If you can’t make up your mind about a single piece of art, you should prefer a curated gallery mix. It will allow you to add all favorite prints at once, and it can add endless virtual interest to any room. Gallery wall gives a cohesive look where you can visualize how everything looks together before you commit putting wall decoration items on it.  

  • Accent Wall

Fancify the bare walls with opulent accents and make your walls livelier.  Different shades, colors, materials, or latest living room design on walls give a unique look and depth. It is a great way to break up the space that your eye naturally gravitates to and gives a bigger impact on your room.

  • Floating Shelves

If you are out of storage, you must go with the floating shelves with multiple wall decoration items. This  give a versatile and look stylish. It maximizes the size of any room by utilizing the space making it more formal and elegant, and enhancing the casual environment. These walls are transformative in compact areas making the room subtle and spacious. You can easily install floating shelves on the walls to display hardcovers, decorations, trophies, small sculptures, and other odds and ends.

  • Wall Panels

Wall Paneling is one of the hottest wallpaper trends that give you a sense of satisfaction and calmness. Wall panels include Gregorian architectural details, Victorian panels, wood effect paneling, modern wallpapers, etc. It creates a cozy feel for a bedroom, a formality touch in the dining room, a welcoming tone for the hallway, and a sense of calmness in the study room. Wallpaper panels look luxurious, adding unique style to your room.

  • Tiles

Tiled walls give a modern as well as contemporary style. Walls can be decorated with ceramic, glass, stone, or porcelain tiles. Ceramic tiles are the most suited and preferred tiles for the walls. But be sure that you should not tile over wallpaper, glossy surfaces, plywood, and lead paint because it can cause toxins that can spread all over the building.

  • Bookish Wall Décor

Book lovers are notorious hoarders. Being a book reader, give yourself or your loved ones the best gift in the form of bookish wall décor. You can create bookish wall décor by floating bookshelves, scratch-off posters, library card pillows, reader sculptures, candles, etc. 


Your walls can be anything you want to be. You just have to be creative and imaginative. Don’t be afraid to go bold and big with different decorating styles. Design your walls with wall decoration items the way you want and make sure it reflects your personal choice and brings you joy.  

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