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5 Stunning Styling Tips for a Living Room with a Statement Sofa

House Interior design is a rather crucial aspect of home remodeling but it takes a lot of toll in terms of getting around the knit picks and other detailing. From bedrooms to the living room and from the kitchen to bathroom interior designing is a must because if you don’t take the small things into account then no matter how much you try you won’t get a unified look or feel. This article explains modern sofa design in detail.

Rewinding the whole thing towards the very topic of the home décor ideas  that is statement sofa and how to incorporate it into the living room, you need to get one thing straight and that is your budget. A statement sofa is a type of modern sofa design that can become a focal point for your living room and that is why you don’t want to cheap out on this at all. Following are some of the most incredible styling tips that you can take into account regarding the incorporation of a statement sofa into your living room;

  • Consider a sofa that is bold in color

You don’t want something that is overly simple and dull in color, anything of this description should be removed from the equation altogether. Go for some trendy decorating ideas like sofa that pops in color, modern abstract paintings has a vibrant texture and eye-catching detail. Also, make sure that whatever you choose to go with accents with your living room design such as wall paint and or background elements.

  • Consider sprucing up the lighting

What you are trying to do with a statement sofa in your living room ideas is to make it a focal point of your home and what better way to do it other than hanging some lighting overhead? You can consider filament lights to do so if your living room is design inspiration is somewhat traditional but if you want a bit of flair then go for a chandelier and make your sofa the statement piece that it already is.

  • Consider investing in some art

If it isn’t too much trouble then consider investing in some art around the living room, it doesn’t have to be expensive or exquisite anything simpler or sophisticated would do. You can go for something that is subtle and doesn’t add too much complexion or color to your statement sofa. Because then the very purpose for which you have acquired a statement sofa that is to make it a focal point of your living room would be lost. Try to acquire something that is unified, tone with the overall complexion of the room but not so much with the sofa that you have bought to make a statement piece. 

  • Add in a coffee table

To complete the looks and purpose of your modern sofa design it is only fair that you throw in a coffee table too. It is like a missing piece of the puzzle that needs to be squared away to complete the very looks of your living room at its very best. 

Try to mix things up color-wise, you don’t want to buy the same colored coffee table as is your sofa because then it would look weird. If for instance, your statement sofa is blue then go for a black or brown coffee table and keep the coffee table simpler too, with no excessive designing or aesthetical patterns running up and down over it. Because it would then diminish the overall appeal and aesthetical approach that your statement sofa depicts.

  • Balance it out

Remember when you decorate your modern interior design  is all about balancing out the details and trying to complement each small change with another one in succession. If you have changed the color of the walls per se then you need to upholster your sofa, make a few changes to the art within the living room and other small additions to make the living room whole again and complement each and everything inside. 

Changing one thing requires modification for other involved elements which means always trying to balance or neutralize the design spikes that a specific element such as a designer sofa depicts. You don’t want your living room looking too dramatic or bent out of style by implementing such diversity or likeness in terms of colors and patterns. If you are using a bold color statement sofa then it is only natural that you choose a light-colored rug to complement it, an art piece that has a chemistry of its own and a hanging light over modern sofa design to bring out the true aesthetics that it is showering all around your living room. 

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