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8 Ideas for combining antique and contemporary pieces to décor your home

When it comes to home decor ideas.  there are a lot of things that can be used for home decoration. Looking to provide a visually intriguing intellect sense of balance to your home décor? Try blending antique pieces with contemporary designs. This approach adds a unique touch to any space, with varying shapes, textures, and styles.

Room decoration ideas at home

Here’re the top 8 tips for combining antique and contemporary pieces to décor your home.

Harness the vibe of repetition

Even if you settle toward the electric, put side by side several disparate style elements with making a confusing relatively than organized touch. Bring your various furnishing combined with a common color scheme, similar material, or repeated pattern. Ideally, contemporary and antique items should be at least a single mutual attribute.

Let One Style Dominate

Antique and contemporary décor differ dramatically. That is why the key thing to make the blend work is allowing one style to dominate the room. Decide which style of décor or home decor ideas best suit your space and allow it to rule your furniture pieces. Then you can mix a few items of other styles. Once you examine it, you’ll either have an antique space with a modern touch or a modernized look with antique pieces.

Use Large Antiques in Small Rooms 

An oversized oak writing desk or beautiful plush mid-century saucer-formed couch can make a small space look much bigger. Just play with antique items to bring a sense of grandeur into a small contemporary room. Start with a stately antique focal point like a stripped-down dining table, and you can complement it with contemporary accent collections.

Add touchable dimension with Vintage textiles

Let a sense of timeless warmth to your home design with vintage textiles. Shag-pile rigs, Animal printed carpet runners or handmade Persian carpeting add a pop of color and a bunch of eye-catching contrast. Select grounded, earth-tone textiles to temper brightly upholstered pieces of furniture.

Tie Items Together

You can want to find a theme to tie contemporary and antique pieces together to make an overall feel and look. While you’d use contrast as your guiding light, you have to find a proper balance between the 2 styles. A couple of ways you can tie the 2 interior themes together is by using similar patterns, textures, colors, and shapes.

Play with lighting 

The next home decor ideas we are including here is lighting techniques. Lighting fixtures are one of the easiest ways to combine new and old. If you are not sure about how to combine contemporary and antique furniture, consider focusing instead on the stunning possibilities presented by salvaged pendant lighting or ornate art glass chandelier in an otherwise modern space. Similarly, a seventh-century French Gilt Mirror adds instant touch and elegance reflects the light.

Add a subtle nod to the past

A nice starting point for figuring out how to combine modern and antique pieces is to concentrate on an area that is otherwise fully modern. A minimalist kitchen gains personality and storage space all at once with the addition of an ancient cabinet. It would not take away from the modernity of the entire interior theme, instead of making harmonious balance. 

Use the Decorating rule of 80 by 20 

When mixing contemporary and antique furniture items, the 80 by 20 rule is a simple yet efficient dictate. Unless you are a keen antique collector, in most situations the majority will be modern. The remaining twenty percent of vintage spaces need to be a big piece of furniture; it’d include smaller details such as farmed vintage maps, leather-bound diaries, or a stunning g grandfather clock.

Ultimately, you can avoid any sort of potential clashes when combing antique with modern pieces by focusing on balance and carefully developing a collection that suits your style. In this way, you will make a cohesive touch that evolves home decor ideas in the best possible way.

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