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Different home decoration ideas using chandeliers

With the first beam of light from the sun life activity starts. after the sunset, we all depend upon artificial light. Therefore, it is important, that we must aware of different lighting ideas and lighting techniques. It not only lights up our homes, or any other space but it can act as a source of decoration. There are different home decoration ideas for lighting your interior. Like you can use different shapes, styles, and best design house. However, it all depends upon your budget and choice of decorating ideas. If your room has been decorated with beautiful furniture, a curtain, a rug, etc. we suggest investing in proper lighting also. because It is the light that makes them visible to the eyes. Also, it has a great impact on a person’s mood. Just try a different color of light. You will feel your mood changes with changing lights. The idea of lighting in hoses is also associated with sunlight. You can put side lamps, tube lights, normal bulbs for lighting purposes. In this article, we will discuss the chandelier only.


Before we move to our topic. Let’s have a small intro about chandeliers. It is defined as a light source hanging from the ceiling. Chandeliers are in use from the very old period.  The history related it to the Byzantine period. During this period oil lamps were used as chandlers for lighting as well as for decoration purposes. Some people think, that chandeliers are only for big houses and palaces. However, this is not true. when you are looking for different lighting ideas or home decoration ideas. It is available for both small and large houses, offices and other spaces. The chandelier is available in different sizes and styles. They are available in different ranges at affordable prices. You can hang them in your house to add extra charm. 


Chandeliers in living room

Although chandeliers can be hung in different areas like dining room, bedroom, offices, meeting room, etc. we are discussing the use of chandeliers lighting for living room. The living room is the center of the house interior design. If you can afford just one piece of a chandelier, then invest in one and hang it in the living room. Installing chandeliers in a space is one of the best lighting ideas. It has two benefits, the first one is to illuminate or light of space and the second is to attract the attention of people. Choose chandeliers wisely for living. Select the best and a larger one for the living room.


Things to consider before selection of chandelier

An attractive chandelier gets people’s attention very soon. Therefore, it is important to take special care, do proper research and invest some more money while buying a chandelier for your modern interior design  home. Always keep in mind three things before buying a chandelier. The Position you have chosen for the hanging of chandelier. Also, the installation height of the chandelier, the height of your ceiling matters a lot. You can decide the brightness level of your chandelier. If choosing for bedroom prefer with low brightness. If choosing for living room design or kitchen prefer with high brightness

Style and design of chandeliers

Different types of chandeliers are available in the market. Each type has its own properties and style. You can select your choice of chandelier-based in the lighting ideas you want to install in your room or an entire home. Some common styles and best design house of chandeliers are listed below.

  • Shaded kind of chandelier

Is the type where the glass is around each light? They have more branches. They are good to hang in the living room, because of their size.

  • Crystal chandelier:

The crystal chandelier looks very fancy and elegant and is a perfect home decoration idea to implement. They can also be hung in the living room, because of their beautiful home decor ideas in india inspiration.

  • Candle in chandelier:

This type creates a look very amusing to the eyes. This is more antique style than modern.

  • Drum shape chandelier:

This one came in the shape of a drum. And this one is best for the bedroom.

Some common benefits of Chandeliers

A chandelier has multiple benefits. It is one of the main instruments for lighting ideas. Some other benefits are mentioned below.

Wall saver

We all know for normal lighting ideas. We need a hole in the wall to fix them. In the case of a chandelier, we don’t need to worry about this issue. There is no need to install it on the wall.

Maximum space:

Lighting stuff like bulbs, luminaries and tube lights, etc. takes a lot of space in your area. If you hang one chandelier, it will save a lot of space. Where you can put other useful stuff of house.

Business space with chandelier

If you running a business. Your priority for lighting idea must be the best piece of a chandelier. It will have a great impact on your customers. If you have any other home decor ideas in india decoration while using chandeliers you can share with us.

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