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6 Stylish Wall Ideas for Big Empty Walls

We often struggle to find an ideal solution for big empty walls. Having a big empty wall can make your home feel cold and uninviting. That’s the last thing you want. If space is an issue, simple wall paint doesn’t always work. There are other options available to cover up large empty walls. Why not opt for some stylish and inexpensive ideas that will fill your walls and give your home an exciting makeover. Continue reading this article to know more about wall decoration items.

  1. Paint a Mural

If you’re not afraid to commit paint to your walls, consider hand-painting a mural on one of your empty walls. It’s easier than you think. A mural can be painted at any size from small and simple to elaborate and large-scale. Murals can be done in any room – even if you’re not sure where you’ll be living in the next few years! You can purchase temporary wallpaper murals or create your own custom mural depending on your skill level. 

  1. Create a Full-length gallery wall

A gallery wall doesn’t have to be so large that it overwhelms your room. If you’re looking for a slenderer focal point, consider creating a gallery wall that runs the length of your wall, rather than across it. Gallerry wall is an amazing wall decoration items idea for your interior.

Another way to use empty wall space is with an oversized gallery wall that goes all the way up to the ceiling. This is especially effective if you have high ceilings in your home. If you’re worried about having to commit to hanging art all the way up to the ceiling, consider using adhesive decals instead of traditional framed artwork.

  1. Consider wallpaper for one wall.

Wallpaper is also an excellent way to cover up any imperfections in drywall or plaster. If painting an entire wall in a different colour or pattern sounds like too much of a time commitment (or if you’re just plain intimidated), consider painting only one wall and covering another with decorative wallpaper. This will bring some depth into your space. 

  1. Install a built-in bookcase or shelving system

You don’t need to be an expert carpenter to install a built-in bookcase on your empty wall. The best place to do this is in a corner. You can simply place a few shelves on top of each other and nail them into the wall, or you can go for a more elaborate home design with drawers and cabinets.

  1. One Large Piece of Artwork

The next wall decoration items  that we want to include here is Artwork. If you want your artwork to be the focal point of the room, placing one large piece on a big wall is an effective way to do this. This will help make the room feel bigger and more spacious as well. You can use any kind of art, but it’s best if it’s something that has some sort of subject matter that can be appreciated from across the room, such as a portrait or landscape painting. However, you may want to consider using something that is more abstract if you want to draw attention to it from all angles in the room

  1. Add industrial-style lighting

If you’re looking for something different, industrial pendant lights are a cool option. These fixtures bring in just enough light to brighten up the space without making it feel too bright. These are usually made out of metal and have several bulbs attached to them, so they give off plenty of light without being too bright for the room. 


When it comes to wall decor and wall decoration items.Your first instinct might be to cover every square inch with artwork, photos, painting, lighting or something else that makes a statement. But sometimes less is more — especially when trying to make a big impact in a large space. These simple tweaks will help you design your large empty walls.

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