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Top Tips for Dressing Up a Plain Bathroom Space

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to spruce up that boring interior design for bathroom space. Or you could just be trying to bring some character into your life and add some fun to your everyday routine – either way it’s an easy task that can bring a lot of change to a not-so-prominent room in your home.  After reading this article you will have enough ideas about bathroom interior design.

In many ways, bathrooms are open spaces that have a huge potential for adding character and making us feel welcome. However, there is often something about them that’s a bit meh. They can be so small we don’t have much choice as to how we can dress them up. 

They can be so small we don’t have much choice as to how we can dress them up. This is why we need some help with your favorite bathroom accessories.

1. Add Greenery 

Breathe some life into your mundane space by using some plant pots such as succulents or neutral color flowers, ferns, or orchids. Adding some greenery to your countertop is the perfect option. This will add an extra look to your bathroom interior design. If you lack space there, you can arrange them at the back of the toilet seat or just hang them over a cozy corner. Fresh plants need proper caring; therefore, you can also go for artificial plants. 

2. Hang Artwork

Interior design for bathroom wall décor is often taken for granted. Add a splash of color and individuality to the area by displaying beautiful and lively artwork. Make a gallery wall out of antique local thrift objects if you have the space for it for a truly unique effect. This will truly make a statement by adding little art details if your wall space is limited. Your artwork should be encased in a frame and under a glass cover to shield it from moisture and heat.

3. Keep Things Organize

The functioning and aesthetics of your bathroom are intertwined, and neither can work without proper organization. When you utilize trays to organize your makeup, your vanity will appear more put-together and professional. There are a variety of decorative bath trays to choose from, making it easy to keep your clutter under control. Keep bobby pins and nail clippers in a tiny, attractive box for easy access. Install a floating shelf between the vanity and mirror so that items such as a bathroom accessory set will be close at hand.

4. Add Light Drama 

The next interior design ideas includes adding light. Giving proper attention to lighting is important as it can make or break the essence of any interior decor at any place. It greatly affects your mood as well.  For a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom, the lighting is a good place to start. Replace harsh fluorescent lights with softer lighting to create the proper intimate mood in your bathroom. You can also combine both overhead lights and sconces and lamps to create a more welcoming and flattering ambiance. 

5. Use a Warm Rug

Bathroom rugs or mats are necessary bath items without which it looks incomplete and dull. You can rest your toes on them after a shower, and enjoy the warmth instead of cold tiles. But these functional standbys aren’t usually the most stylish. Go creatively instead of using a traditional rug. Consider a jute or bamboo rug for your bathroom to give comfort and style. They’re also incredibly long-lasting and water-resistant, so they’re a great investment.  It will give an amazing interior design for bathroom.

6. Update Hardware and Fixtures 

Upgrading your interior design for bathroom faucets and fixtures is a simple way to make a big difference. Changing closet handles and drawer pulls can completely transform the design of your bathroom. Renovating an older bathroom with new fixtures and faucets, such as brass ones will sure give a facelift to your bathroom.

Using these bathroom interior design ideas, you can easily upgrade your restroom like a pro. Making these simple changes in the bathroom will turn this place into a wonderful spot where you can go tired and return fresh and pleased.

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