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7 Easy Garden Designs That Will Impress Your Friends

Gardening is a beautiful art that adds color and makes you come back to life from your daily hustle-bustle. And if you get them right, they will make a good impression on your friends, family and neighbors. If you are searching ideas for garden design.Try these awosome tips.

Are you overwhelmed by the idea of an entirely new and fancy garden design or simply just want to take it one step at a time? No problem. We have got you covered. It’s hard to believe but the key to designing a great garden is not only the order in which things are laid out, it’s also in the scale and proportion of each part. 

Check out these 7 easy garden designs that will impress everyone and become the envy of your neighborhood!

Choose a Stunning Color Palette 

One of the first ideas for garden design is choosing one or two color palettes is an excellent illustration of how to make a small garden design feel larger by limiting the number of colors used there. 

You can choose any color combination that you like or what looks just great for instance, purple and yellow colors when combined gives a complementary touch. Soften hardscaping details like a patio, grass, and pathway using low-lying plants are a few other great options to give an easy and modernistic set-up to your garden.

Go for Shady Sanctuary

Even if your yard gets only a few hours of the afternoon sun, you can still create a lush and colorful garden. The shady plants like ferns and hostas are adapted for low-light conditions and do well in the shade of other plants or trees. 

An Attractive Artistic Garden

If you like modern architecture and contemporary design, you’ll love this easy-to-maintain garden that uses clean lines and strong colors to make a bold statement. You can choose clipped boxwoods to give your garden an inviting fresh look. 

The Side Yard Garden

Many yards are wide, but not very deep. To put the space to work, grow vegetables up against a fence or wall or use vertical containers or trellises for climbing cucumbers, squash, beans and other vining plants.

A Dense Drought-Tolerant Garden

Drought-resistant plants often get a bad rap for being dry, brown, and boring. But if you choose carefully and combine them with other plants that like it dry — including some succulents — your garden can be both colorful and water ingenious.

Opt for a Perennial Border

This is a classic, easy-to-maintain ideas for garden design that is perfect for all seasons. It has both perennial and deciduous plants to create a colorful, textured border for your home design.

Japanese Influenced Garden

A Japanese-influenced garden creates a natural look with minimal upkeep. You can add a few stones and accents if you want, but the bulk of the work will go into creating the shape of the garden itself before planting anything. 

This would be great in a yard that tends to be on the dry side because it won’t require too much maintenance or water.

Drama in a Little Space

This garden design works especially well in smaller spaces and it’s not too difficult to maintain either. It features an impressive focal point in the form of a large tree and then smaller plants surrounding it for an attractive final product. It would work wonderfully planted in front of your home or in any other small area where you need some life added to it.

Make a Statement with Entryway Garden

This is another smaller space option that mainly consists of shrubs and flowers with just one tree as an accent piece. The shrubs create structure while the flowers add color and texture to the design. In terms of maintenance, this one requires mostly watering and seasonal caring. 

Gardening is a great hobby and a way to spend time outdoors. It’s also inspiring to walk past lush gardens on your way to work or when you’re out for a walk, jog or bike ride. 

If you’re looking ideas for garden design to boost your home’s curb appeal or are hoping to impress friends, neighbors or visitors, try out these seven easy garden designs and see what you come up with. 

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