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It is good or not to opt for a garden apartment

Garden apartment is not the same as other apartments. It is supposed to keep at lower level with ground. A garden apartment usually has a single floor. You may misunderstand basement apartments as garden apartments. Basement apartments are maintained lower of the ground level. This article consist of valuable terrace garden design ideas.

Garden apartments are surrounded by greenery that will make you attracted and think about spending some quality time there. These apartments can be a good choice for living in if you have researched enough about every detail about garden apartments and you are prepared to cope with the difficulties related to them. Let’s look at some good and bad facts about a garden apartment.

  • Good about Garden Apartments
  •  Beautiful natural scenes

One advantage of a garden apartment is that it provides beautiful scenes. You can feel refreshing green plants around you. The windows of these apartments will give a view of your amazing gardens. Tree and flowers will amuse you each time. You can have quality time with your friends and family in the garden design

  • You can have an escape from elevators and stairs

Garden apartments are a good option for the persons who do not like stairs and elevators. Most of these apartments have single floors, so no need to worry about climbing up and getting down repeatedly in a day. It is also suitable for kids and older people who usually cannot use stairs. 

  • No need for garages

Garden apartments do not need customized or personal garages. You can use outdoor parking. It may save your expenses for maintaining personal garages. You may do some extra care for your car as altering weather can do some harm to it.

  • Garden apartments are economical for renting

If you intend to take an apartment on rent, then a garden apartment is a better selection. Garden apartments are not as much of value as other apartments. You can find them at a lower rent. Lower rent can help you to make your budget adjusted easily. 

  • Lower energy consumption

Garden apartments are supposed to consume smaller amount of energy than other apartments. An apartment with higher roofs and more floors may consume a significant amount of energy. A garden apartment has not had as much covered area as these apartments have, so that you can save in utility bills enough good amounts.  Besides this it give your terrace garden design an amazing look.You will feel at ease in paying your bills here.

  • Water drainage can produce problems

The water drainage system can produce some problems in garden apartments. Especially in heavy rainy areas, it can cost a lot. In the days of heavy flow, you can encounter some floor flooding in these apartments. So whenever you decide to buy or rent a garden apartment, you should deeply investigate the complete water drainage system for any fault.

  • The Problem of humidity and dampness

You may face humidity and dampness in garden apartments. It may cause a suffocating environment in the apartment. Pest can also give you a tough time in a moist atmosphere. It is because these apartments are on lower ground level. You can solve this problem by using humidity and moisture-free construction material. It will help a lot to improve your apartment environment.

  • Deficiency of natural lights

Natural lights are not properly entered in garden apartments. Their low ground level does not allow natural light to lit rooms ultimately. Winters can make the issue severe making, natural light dimmer. In this case, you may have to get some extra light fixtures; otherwise, you would feel darker in your apartment.

  • Not a good-valued property option

Garden apartments as property have less value than other apartments. You can find these at lower costs. If you intend to buy a garden apartment, you may realize that this apartment will not give you good payback. It is a better option to take it on rent rather than purchasing. But if you have a limited budget, you can consider them a reasonable choice.

  • Garden apartments may give you privacy issues

Garden apartments do not have a wall boundary. The absence of the wall boundary may cause privacy issues for you and your family.  You cannot enjoy a private get-together; you can also not enjoy lonely moments in your garden. And if your garden apartment is situated in a rush area, you may feel disturbing noisy situations. 

To conclude, you may opt for garden apartments if you can have a solution for some of their fundamental problems. In another case, you can face diverse issues of adjustment there.Try these terrace garden design ideas at your home.

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