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Fabulous Flooring Ideas from a Chic Paris Renovation

The flooring design might be the least favorite and practically boring thing on a contractor’s manifest for a home remodeling project but it doesn’t mean that it is any less important. Floors are important for the sake of providing aesthetical support to your whole home décor scenario but apart from that floors also add additional foundation support as well. 

There are a bunch of tiling options available out there that you can choose for flooring design, although all of these are sophisticated enough and might look fabulous in every dedicated home remodeling project may it be a chic Paris renovation or some other type of it but you need to carefully evaluate these beforehand. Following are some of the most fabulous flooring ideas that you can try out to enhance the overall look and appreciation of your home design;

Ceramic tiles 

If you are on a budget then it is wholly recommended that you get on with the ceramic tiles and make it a primary aspect of your flooring plan. These are cost-effective, durable, and readily available in a myriad of colors, orientations, and shapes. These look fabulous with all paint and décor manifestations which means that any and all Decorating ideas that you have already manifested at your place the ceramic tiles will work best with all of these, there are hardly any changes that you need to make with it. 

There are two different kinds of finishes available with ceramic tiles i.e. glazed ceramic and matte finish, the glazed ceramic might feel a little slipper but if you want to avoid that then it is recommended that you get on with the matte finish.

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are exactly like ceramic tiles with just one major difference and that is the fact that these are prepared with finer clay and other building material and are baked at a little higher temperature to impart strength and finer details at every nook and corner. The end result is that the porcelain tiles come around as more tempting in terms of strength, less porous, and less prone to chipping or dents. 

You can shoot for multiple flooring design outfits with the porcelain tiles as these are able to incorporate a bunch of these given the wider adaptability of the porcelain tiles with design trends as compared to the ceramic tiles. Also if you prefer precision in your design and laying of the tiles then it is preferred to go for the porcelain tiles as compared to the ceramic tiles which would require a lot of cutting and beating before falling into shape in correspondence with your design ideas. 

Vitrified tiles

Vitrified tiles are even finer than porcelain tiles and people like to use these as their flooring alternative because of the fact that stains are easier to clean on these. The looks that the vitrified tiles give away match with that of the natural marble that is something that contractors and homeowners look out for predominantly all of the time. 

These are usually available in precise cutting and laying out sizes that make up for fewer overall joints or tethering done to incorporate these tiles. The term ‘vitrified’ here refers to that of a look that is shinier and glossier almost equivalent to glass. That means that these tiles are extremely competent with the latest designing and home décor ideas that might be jumping around in your mind, it also means that these are going to be a little more costly as compared to the other tiling options out there such as the ceramic tiles and the porcelain tiles.

Terrazzo tiles

The Terrazzo tiles are even more compact, glassier and were introduced to last a lifetime in the first place. These are a composite of the natural marble, quartz, or granite that is being held together with the help of a resin or something. It gives out a unique and extremely elementary look and the design that it has or carries is expected to last a lifetime. 

The polishing aspect of the Terrazzo tiles is time-intensive which means that the quartz or the granite that is added to it is going to be polished until it smooth out and is leveled with the overall surface of the concrete. One of the most exquisite benefits of going with the Terrazzo tiles is that if the surface gets worn out over time then the whole thing can just be polished again and refinished to look exactly like new or even better. You can also go for the wood flooring but in the long run, you would find that the tile floors are more adaptive and intensive as compared to other flooring design options.      


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