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Items an Energy Healer Says You Need in Your Bedroom

There are some things in this world that can’t be put into words or explained with a rational intent no matter how badly someone tries but it doesn’t mean that if something can’t be explained then it has no significance or truth about it. We are sharing room decoration items that can be used for multiple purposes. The same applies to energy healing, the use of stones, and other healing elements by people who think these can bring them peace and or help them elevate the overall feel and mood of their place and modern interior design.

Energy healing via certain aura cleansing elements 

If you think you are not at peace at your home or something needs to be done to cleanse the aura a bit then you have got to act on the advice of some of those energy healers out there. A Bed room design is a primary space in your house interior design where most of the relaxing take place it is kind of a given that most energy healers would recommend you to stock your bed room ideas with certain energy items and aura cleansing elements. To get started following are some of the Home accessories you can get into;

Sandalwood candle

This is more like a ritual that you can perform at night before going to the bed than it is a product that you need to keep closer. Sandalwood is a sacred tree the oil of which is associated with important attributes towards the first and fourth chakras. You can buy the candle and burn it for some time during the night and let the essence drip into the thin air that will enhance overall healing and make the environment calmer.

Yoga blanket

Calling to the scared energy can put your mind and heart at ease and be able to do that you need to set a calming and meditation boundary. A yoga blanket can be that sacred meditating boundary as the four corners of the blanket refers to the boundaries of the space. 

If a yoga blanket feels a little too out of your league then you can even opt for a meditation cushion as the real meaning behind all of this is to develop a space that you feel comfortable and safe in and it can be a meditation cushion if you want it to be.  

Raw stones

Raw stones are room decoration items that can also used for healing purposes.There are multiple chakras out there and the heart chakra is more keenly associated with the overwhelming feeling of calm and peace that is why you must try to pace it to see some faster results. The most elementary way of doing this is to use raw stones such as rose quartz and keep it closer to self. Try to think of a thought that you want the crystal to hold onto, don’t let go of the image, the overall feel, and let the crystal do its work.


You might not feel at ease from time to time and the persistent feelings of being overwhelmed might leave you startled and frustrated, if this is the case then you need to have some sage close by. It is associated with clearing the negative vibe and energy almost instantly from around you and providing you with a sense of calm and peace.

Inspired literature

There is some cluster of words out there turned into tales and enough of these turned into fiction books that are relatively on point regarding energy healing and Paleo Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’ is one of that pieces of inspired literature. This book is magnificent and often referred to by many energy healers out there as an element that can help to clear the bad energy from around the space and make the whole place more lifting and peaceful for you.

Tibetan bowls

Every Tibetan bowl that you might find out there is built to resonate with a different energy chakra making these unique and significant to specific design inspiration. These Tibetan bowls are said to be extremely relaxing and meditating as these can increase the overall blood flow, help to lower your heart rate, and can be used to reduce your overall level of stress tremendously.  Besides this these bowls act as room decoration items.


Feathers are believed by the energy healers to open a dimension to the other world as these are calming and extremely lifting being super lightweight and all. You can go for some of the most elevated feather-intensive furniture or other décor items if you are missing some of that daily boost of motivation and going through your day with positive energy. You can try these Decorating ideas either individually or at the same time to see a massive boost in your lifestyle. 


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