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Transforming a traditional kitchen into a semi-modular kitchen

A traditional Kitchen Design Ideas cannot beat the charm and beauty of design of modular kitchen. You can add much ease and delicacy to your cooking hour if it is spent in a modular kitchen. A modular kitchen is facilitated with modern equipment designed in the most favorable way. If you want to make your kitchen modular, there should be a completely empty space to install it. But most of the time, a house builder provides you with a concrete slab in the kitchen. If you want to update this kitchen in updated ways, you can design it as a semi-modular kitchen. This kitchen can be equipped with some installations used in the modular Kitchen Design. Let’s have a view on how to transform a traditional kitchen into a semi-modular kitchen:

  1.  Devise a basic layout plan

For design of modular kitchen You have to first devise a basic plan for your kitchen layout. Most of the time, this plan is designed as making a primary triangle in which a cooking top, cleaning area and food storage areas are included. By delimiting an area for a single purpose, it becomes easy for you to decide which equipment should be placed where?

  •  Take accurate measurements

After devising a basic plan for the house interior design layout, it’s time to take exact measurements for your kitchen area. If you want to install a semi-modular kitchen successfully, you have to get accurate sizes of your walls and floor and your concrete slab. This will help you to decide about the right size of storage cabinets. You can also make sure to leave an open space for moving freely while cooking. The wider space to move freely may accommodate two to three cooks at a time as there can be more than one cook in the kitchen and Dining Design at one time.

  •  Get a personalized quote for storage cabinets

You may get a personalized quote to design a perfect semi-modular kitchen and  Dining Design Ideas. Storage cabinets are an important part of the kitchen. You may concern some professionals to have the right choice about these cabinets. It would be best to have some customized features for your storage areas according to your family’s personal needs. You can enlarge your storage area in case a significant amount of food is to be kept, or you can make it smaller if you do not want to store larger amounts of food and grains.

  •  Delimit space for food processors and other machines

Whenever you start your home décor ideas to change  traditional kitchen into a semi-modular one, do not forget to delimit the space for your machines which are regularly used in the kitchen. A modular kitchen has a food processor, coffee machine, microwave oven and sandwich maker. You cannot ignore these accessories as they all are a necessary part for a semi-modular kitchen. The fridge should also be kept a prominent place.

  •  Choose from a variety of color schemes

You may choose various color schemes to make your kitchen more amazing and beautiful. Your kitchen style can help you a lot in deciding about shades. You can use bright hues for the cabinets and lighter shades for the back walls. The dual shades of accessories can also make your kitchen appear stunningly attractive. You may do experiments by blending various shades. This semi-modular kitchen with vibrant colors will give a feeling of warmth and tenderness. 

  •  The chimney is an essential part of a semi-modular kitchen

A chimney is often called as ‘heart of a kitchen’. The chimney is very important in making your kitchen environment clean and smoke-free. Various of smells and oily smokes are released during the cooking process; the chimney sucks all this pollution and puts it out of your kitchen and home. In the other case, this smoke can make your kitchen accessories have oily plus dirty surfaces, and it can make your cleaning task difficult. It may also harm the beauty of your design of modular kitchen. 

Various models for a semi-modular kitchen

A variety of  Design Inspiration is available for a semi-modular kitchen. You can try out many models according to the size of your kitchen. The main classification for a semi-modular kitchen is open-air kitchens and closed kitchens. The closed kitchen have further a variety of shapes; you can have it in C-shaped, G-shaped or, L-shaped kitchen. A gallery or corridor kitchen is also liked, but it is not comfortable for several cooks as it has smaller space for moving freely.

Difference between a modular and semi-modular kitchen

The main difference between a modular kitchen and a semi-modular kitchen is that you cannot relocate a semi-modular kitchen entirely. Secondly, a semi-modular kitchen costs less than a modular kitchen. Thirdly, a semi-modular kitchen needs more effort and time to be installed than a modular kitchen.


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