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How to make red the star of your kitchen?

When trying to spruce up the place where you cook and eat you might be getting rolled into a number of accent colors and ideas about how the whole thing should go down. Most of the modern Kitchen Design Ideas that you would come around these days play a light game with the colors on the walls and the overall décor but that doesn’t mean that you need to abide by that, you see you can go with the bold colors as well and red is the most incredible in that category for modular kitchen design.

You don’t have to go all crazy on the red color as it is because worth it or not you need to have a balance between different ideas, hues, and accents to have your kitchen match with the overall house interior design . Red is going to look fabulous even if you plan to add in the most electric tinge or smallest impression into your kitchen. Following are some of the ways you can recalibrate the Kitchen and dining design and make red the star of the show;

  • Make the backsplash bleed red

Sometimes you don’t have to go all nuts on a single color for it to become or look as an accent to the whole room and that is where making the backsplash of your kitchen red comes into play. You can go with a tile or plan out with red color painted all over the backsplash but if you want to make it a permanent change then it only makes sense that you use bold-colored red tiles onto the backsplash. You need to make sure that the backsplash and other parts/areas of your kitchen and Dining Design Ideas  are evenly distributed with the red color because otherwise, it will be more like a hit and miss on the red.

  • Earthy tones are a booming

No matter how advanced and modular kitchen design you want your kitchen to be the truth is that you can’t run far from the earthy tones that have become an integral part of home décor ideas and remodeling. To make red look evenly distributed and incorporated in the most natural way possible try to incorporate some earthy tones into the mix such as going for a beautiful red rug or some other central piece that is able to bring the same or escalated tunes into the mix.

  • Make your kitchen floor red

This will help you to tackle the kitchen décor conundrum on two dedicated levels. First of all, you can go with an all-white décor that is quite popular these days among kitchen enthusiasts, and secondly, to make a bold statement you can opt for your kitchen floor completely red by investing in a red tile or some other similar piece. 

You need to closely inspect the overall tone of the floor because if it is too dark or intimately red then it might come out a little strong, tune into the hues, and invest in a clear choice no matter which specific color or Design Inspiration you are shooting for.

  • Throw in some bright appliances

If you want the overall ambiance of your modular Kitchen Design to be a bit stylish and modern at the same time then you have to make certain additions in terms of color and variety for the appliances that you install in your kitchen. Opt for these appliances such as the stove, cooking range, microwave, cabinetry, and others in bright and splendid colors that are a bit jumpy and a little out there even. You would also be able to find a refrigerator in that similar setting making it a stylish covenant through and through.

  • Go for contrasting designs

Trying to achieve some unique pattern along with the color that you have chosen for your kitchen walls and the main focus of your kitchen that is the cooking range would do you some good. The first thing that you need to do is to understand what kind of appliance you will be getting and more importantly what specific color it would be. 

Getting around that will help you to choose the hood in the same or matching color and then take your focus towards the back wall that you can paint in a contrasting pattern. You can go with bright yellow or ornamental blue if the appliances that you have bought are bright red in color or you can reverse the whole thing around i.e. going for appliances that are in different colors and designing the accent wall with bright red to reach a contrasting décor during modular kitchen design.

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