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Modern Art Vs Contemporary Art: How these terms differ?

Modern and Contemporary are the design terms which found the same in the dictionary as these are synonyms. But in the field of home designing and interior decoration, the terms modern as well as contemporary refer to the two different design styles. Although these two beautifying styles wall art painting have some similar patterns, there also are some differences. Modern art refers to artistic works produced during the period 1880 to 1970 while Contemporary art follows modern art paintings from 1970 to onwards.

Modern art pertains to a particular era in art history, while contemporary abstract art pertains to the current artistic production, which is diverse in terms of styles and mediums used. Although some contemporary artists may draw inspiration from modern art, the characteristics that define contemporary art may not necessarily be the same as those that define modern art.

Learn about Modern Style

The modern style has got its existence in the late 1800s and is the design and décor of modernism influence. The modern décor style is very old and created by the German Bauhaus schools of design.

The modern style divided into mid-century modern (1950-60) and postmodernism (1970-80). Here mid-century modern seems alike a modern design with the beauty of bright color added strategically but it not for postmodernism. Postmodernism contains whimsy in its art and also irony in the content.

Learn about Contemporary Style

This style of wall art painting becomes very famous in the 70s and it was the same time when postmodernism was very popular. Postmodernism is a mixture of styles and we can say that it takes the contents and thoughts from modernism and postmodernism. Moreover, the Contemporary style also influenced by other styles such as futurism, pop art, abstract wall art, and many more.

Contemporary style is changing as time is passing.  For each decade passing, the decor trends are considered as contemporary. This reveals that this style does not have the characteristics to maintain a specific style for a specific period in the same way as finds in modern styles.In reality, it is an ever-evolving style that depicts actually the current happenings and thoughts.

The Similarities in Modern and Contemporary styles

There are some similar properties in both the styles. Each of the style is having the simplicity in the arts and there will be no unwanted things in the art. The presentation of the art seems smooth, having clear and clean lines with the artistic flair. This results the very comfortable and peaceful atmosphere in the decoration area which is attractive too. Both of the styles do not prefer the ornate design or other heavy things. Chairs and sofas are clearly shown with legs in the both styles. Reflective surfaces such as the metals and glasses are generally exposed in both of the styles. Wood and wood related items are also exposed in both the styles.

How to Choose Modern Over Contemporary Style

As the modern style wall art painting reveals the design thought and techniques similar to the time period from 1900 to 1950. Modern style is the best style for a person who enjoys the artful appearance of that time, with its preference for highly functional elements and warm, natural colors. And this style is best suited for anyone who likes to make perfect a particular design theme.

The contemporary style is the best suited for persons who like to stay with the current trends in decor and ornament, who are willing to change with the times. Contemporary style is best suited for anyone who finds form and ornament more valuable than function.

Some differences in styles of the modern and contemporary  arts are noticed in the manner as –

Modern Style

  • Strict style behaviour
  • Functional décor elements
  • Color palette tends toward naturals, neutrals
  • Strong lines characteristics
  • Latest thoughts and technics adaptation

Contemporary Style

  • Variations in styles
  • Ornamental décor pieces
  • Color palette tends toward contrast along with lots of blacks and whites
  • Often features curves in the art

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