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20 Fantastic Blank Wall Decor Ways

You do not know how to decorate a large blank wall in the living room? You’re not alone. This is one of the major design dilemmas we hear from homeowners, and we can understand why. Those blank walls are full of possibilities and certain additions can make a house feel like home.  If you’re ready to turn those bare walls into sleek whatever your style, we’ve got the tricks that can enrich your walls and enhance your taste and personality.  Continue reading this article on wall decoration items. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, art collector, or book lover, your walls can be personalized so you can be surrounded by the things you love. Check out 20 blank wall decor ideas that are sure to add style to your home.

Statement Art

Any room can benefit from the gravitational pull of great works of art. It gives a balanced and clean focal point to the room without detracting from the rest of the room. The larger your room, the more graphic and conversational plumb it will fit into the room. A large painting or photograph hung at eye level will have the most impact. Maybe you can even try some minimal and DIY abstract artwork yourself. Abstract minimalism is relatively easy to master with color palettes and simple shapes.

Scenic Accent Wall

Next wall decoration items that we are including here is artwork. A great work of art on its own can sometimes seem flat. Starting with something tall like a large picture leaning against the wall to amplify the height of the room, put a chair to the side. Add a pendant light above a stack of books or a vase beside it to add depth to the scene. If you’re short on space, flip the chair for an ottoman or stool a similar effect.


Vintage clocks are such utilitarian pieces that we often forget to pay attention to their timeless grace. No design lover can deny the appeal of a neatly arranged gallery wall of vintage clocks. You can even constantly expand your gallery wall. Keep an eye out for the prized grandfather clock at flea markets or garage sales for some old-school charm! Be sure to get your hands on as many styles of antique clocks as you can, minimalist analog and Roman numerals, maritime, cuckoo clocks, pendulums, and more. You’ll never run out of time again!

Rugged Walls

Did you find a rug too good to walk on? To go up! Woven, knotted and knotted rugs have intricate patterns, glorious textures, and vibrant colors that make them the perfect material for wall art. Plus, a floor ornament on a wall is sure to intrigue and impress guests. Likewise, indigenous, or ancient tapestries that tell a story are great conversation starters. Exquisite silk rugs also enjoy enduring popularity as wall hangings. hang on the wall! 

Gallery Wall

Can’t make a decision on wall decoration items or  just one piece of art; maybe you prefer a curated mix of galleries? Give your wall the look of an art gallery. The asymmetrical design of the display is enhanced if the frames are the same color, size, and support, positioned along an equidistant grid. However, go rogue and join a motley group of framed, paintings, photographs, and illustrations in contrasting scales for an eclectic fusion. Play with print media and bring calligraphy home! Calligraphy art ranges from Islamic metal inlay to marble and nature-inspired Chinese characters to Japanese brush lettering, all exemplary options for wall decoration.

Lacquered Walls

They are super shiny. They are vibrant. They’re Hollywood glamor rolled right into your home. Those are lacquered walls! Overflowing with opulence, they will stop your guests in their tracks! However, surprisingly easy, and inexpensive to get, lacquer paint colors are ideal for dark walls to reflect the light from chandeliers, pendants and candles! While the reds are strong and traditional, the deep blue and green lacquered walls will bring a magical and melancholic air.

Decor On Console Table

The versatile console is always welcome in the hall, living room, bedroom or in front of an empty wall. Rather than leaving it bare, stack art frames for your guests to walk through or nail them just above the console table. You can also garnish the table with a decorated lantern or a beautiful planter, but not all together. Consoles are thus able to create a “moment” where you have to stop and watch! 

Wall Murals and Wall Decals

From a neutral, minimalist look to bold graphic pieces, wallpapers enhance empty spaces. Contemporary geometrics, bold graphics, understated chintz, jungle motifs, biophilic landscaping, soothing prints and delicately floral wallpapers are an ode to escape in this pandemic era. There is something for everyone made from natural reed, Grasscloth easily adds generous amounts of texture and dimension to the wall while being kinder to the planet. These are some common wall decoration items.

Wall Molding

Moldings and trim can add layers of character and refined detail to empty walls. From flat plinth profiles to cornice wall moldings, moldings absorb a traditional clean look, without the need for extra frills. Fluted walls are the element of the season and create dreamy, wavy silhouettes that catch the light in the most charming way. 

Floating Shelves 

If your blank wall isn’t big enough to house a closet, but you like the idea of ​​a display case, then floating shelves are for you. These are casual shelves, excellent for grouping anything from books to sentimental trinkets. 

Large Tree

We sprung on the plant walls, but what if you don’t want something so gregarious? Make a big tropical stunner stand still in front of your wall! Pot up a magnolia or a bird of paradise and its breathtaking beauty will make your home design look like new! The heavenly scent of blooming magnolias will ensure you keep drifting into their corner for a whisper. Gum trees with plump and luxurious leaves are also perfect for decorating walls. Put a chair next to them because we’re sure you’ll be idle.

Architectural Elements

Placed on a white wall, distinct architectural elements can instantly grab attention. Delicate details of flora, fauna, folkloric motifs, and extracts are intricately engraved on doors, windows, and woodwork. Just one piece of this traditional art with lots of personality can extend ancient splendor to your blank wall. They work exceptionally well as wallpapers for living room, dining rooms walls and headboards above beds.

Green Walls

Elegant pockets of greenery not only look attractive, but they also add fresh scents! With the world welcoming nature into the home, a green wall is definitely a “flowery” choice for a white wall. The easiest way is to plant a few vines in a water trough at the base of the wall and let it “seep through” to cover your wall with a beautiful green jacket. You can also supplement these vines with grass or flowering plants for added depth and color. 

Wall No Bar

 Although clubbing is a pipe dream during COVID19, bar hopping is just one wall away. Put a small scullery on your bare wall to liven things up. 

Woven Baskets 

Aesthetically striking, with natural textures and multi-dimensional weaves, baskets are having a moment in the pandemic. Crafted from jute, reed, reed, grass, and palm leaves, this design idea is the perfect combination of minimal and exotic. 

Accent Wall Folding Screen

 Folding screens can act as freestanding wall sculptures. From portable and oriental screens to sturdy metal partitions mounted on poles, the partition choices are limitless. 

Vibrant Tiles 

From the plethora of titles available, inject pattern and color into your wall. To further customize your walls, you can play around with the layout. While bricklaying is a neat and reliable pattern, whimsical balls like chevrons, cross-hatching, and mosaic in unexpected fashion. Don’t forget to experiment with cement mortars while giving your wall a tile makeover.

Bookish Wall 

 What better way to furnish a large white wall than to furnish it with an elegant bookcase? Traditional, old-fashioned bookcases with their ornate frames and open shelves are timeless classics. Put your bookshelf on a diet and opt for stacked shelving but no backs, just a frame for an airy, contemporary wall. 


You can not skip the importance of mirror in wall decoration items list. While we love large freestanding mirrors that magnify small spaces, we’re talking about raising the bar here. Go for minimal fringe or an intricate frame; either way, you’ll want to lean them against the wall for just the right amount of style. 

 Wall Hooks Design and Functionality!

 Function is extremely important, especially in a high-traffic space like an entryway. But we still want to bring personality too. Here This place created a cute space that works hard for you and your family too!

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