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Best Entertainment Room Ideas

Best Entertainment Room Ideas

Staying home isn’t a bad idea, especially if you have some home entertainment features like a Netflix subscription or a game console. People create a media room to harness its full potential, such as high-resolution graphics, surround sound, and even comfortable seating. The term media room is used to loosely define a multi-purpose space that contains a large flat-screen TV, surround sound speakers, and comfortable armchairs. People use it to watch great games, movies and even play games with their friends and family. It becomes a central part when guests visit it. You can apply these entertainment room ideas in your home.

Creating Home, a Multifunctional Space

Create a multifunctional space for listening to music, watching movies, relaxing, or playing sports. If the space is large enough, cut smaller corners for each of these activities. Add a playground in one corner, a bar counter in another, a luxurious seating area in another, etc. There might be something for everyone here. Whatever your entertainment room design, here are some of the essentials you need to take care of. You can use it as a checklist while designing.

Gaming Room

The best entertainment room ideas to come up with playroom ideas is to get inspiration from your favorite things and activities you do for fun. Every home needs a space where guests and family members can gather to spend time together, perhaps playing a billiards, board game, or competing in video games or Kinect Adventures. Sure, the living room is nice if you want to relax and unwind, but for the type of business we have in mind, you’d need a game room or entertainment area.

Home Theater

Before settling for home theater ideas that are perfect for your home and family, you will need to consider the location of this entertainment space. The two most important factors for the home theater field are sound and light. You will need a space where you have as much control over these factors as possible. That’s why you can often find home theater ideas in the basement, the living room or family room, or the extra bedroom upstairs.

 It should be a quiet, self-contained place and will not interfere with general household affairs when you use it. While it’s not mandatory to have ideas for your home theater room in these specific locations, other areas of your home will need more customization to ensure proper lighting and sound control. A home theater in the basement is a great idea because it’s secluded and dark. This will make it easier to control audio performance and lighting. Basement home theater ideas are also fun to execute because you have complete freedom to go against any theme you have with the rest of your home. We have provided sample basement home theater ideas below for your reference.

Entertainment room Furniture

Furniture is another worth mentioning factor in entertainment room ideas. If games or gadgets will be the focal point of your entertainment room, so plan that gadget you will buy first. Plan your main entertainment unit so that there is enough space for them. Add a cozy swing to increase the privacy quotient. The key here is to make the space inviting for you and your friends to relax. Have enough tables to place remote controls, cocktail glasses… while the entertainment is in full swing, nesting tables will be very useful. And how about a sliding dining table that hides a pool table underneath? Put a library if you also want to create a reading corner. You can even have a bar counter in the entertainment room where you can serve snacks and drinks during a game or movie.

Entertainment Room Storage 

An entertainment room can easily get cluttered. It is a space used by many people who may or may not care to leave it organized as it was. chargers, Cables, CDs, discs, USB sticks, etc. can easily add to the clutter and become an eyesore if left out. You have to plan carefully here. Consider any gadgets you place here. So, think about their accessories and build enough enclosed space to store accessories and chargers out of sight. Plan smart storage options that hide all the cables. Use open shelving if you want to display your record collection or book stash.

Acoustic System

If you have an entertainment unit and plan to keep the volume loud often, make sure your walls, windows, and doors are soundproofed. Use sound-absorbing materials such as carpets, thick curtains, and acoustic panels on the walls. Or install absorbent drywall (zerosound dry). This will also ensure good sound quality in the room. 

Stunning Floor

Next entertainment room ideas include stunning floor. If your floors aren’t exactly gorgeous to begin with? That’s the problem Elsie Larson of a Beautiful Mess faced when she hired a professional to rip up the carpet and refinish the hardwood underneath. The living room floors were so stained they needed a dark shade to hide their flaws. Rather than go with a dated dark brown, she opted for a saturated turquoise. Keeping the rest of the room neutral allows the floors to make statements. And you’ll never notice the hardwood getting stained.

Ceiling Tricks of Entertainment Rooms

High ceilings are a giveaway. But sometimes they can make a room look cavernous and lonely. A strategic splash of color can change all that. “Painting the underside of walls, a deeper color helps draw attention downward and ‘pierce’ the space,” says Decorist Elite designer Rita Schulz. bright colors also help draw attention inward, to the inside of the seating area, for a more welcoming atmosphere. 

Cozy media room

A media room can also be used for couple fun. Sometimes a quiet moment, watching a movie or reading books together is all they need. The large windows on the sides of the room refresh the room with warm indoor light in the morning and beautiful stars in the evening. This media room design is the perfect choice for a small family or a newly married couple.

Home bar

Throwing a party in the usual media room layout could be tricky because most of them have screen-focused seating. This layout of the media room, however, was designed to better hold a party. Having seats and chairs allows people to move around more freely to have a drink or talk to other people.  If you have any other entertainment room ideas, Share with us in comment section.


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