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Setting up your home decor keeping in mind the home cinema acoustics

There is no more entertainment in life than having a great home theater in the comfort of your own home. Why brave traffic, line up for movie tickets, and deal with rowdy moviegoers when you can watch the best TV shows and movies at home on a recliner while gobbling down buttered popcorn? Continue reading this article for a chic home decor.

Building your home theater space might be one of the most rewarding and exciting and home improvement projects you’ll ever undertake. Designing a home theater room has many fantastic benefits and gives you a separate space to enjoy and relax in your favorite form of entertainment. You’re able to provide your guests a fantastic experience, and it’s also a wonderful way to relax, unwind, and enjoy some “personal time.” These rooms are also the perfect place for avid gamers. A personal home theater can also keep the kids entertained.

But how do you start planning the size of your home theater and figuring out how to set up the room? Not only is the distance between the rows of seats worth considering, but you’ll also want to think about the distance from the screen and the walls. We’ve put together some information to consider when planning your space and how many seats home theaters are needed, including answers as to the best distance between home theater seats and the screen and between rows make the most of your new entertainment space.

 Now that you’ve decided to bring the cinematic experience home decor, it’s time to design your home cinema. This is much easier said than done as there are different things to consider before building a home theater system. It is essential to plan your setup, do proper research on TVs and audio systems available on the market, and select the best furniture to enhance your viewing experience.

Important Things for a Home Theater Room

Decor Budget

Every home decor improvement project starts with a budget, then begins by setting limits on the amount of money you’re willing to spend. Look for affordable televisions, audio systems and media players, as well as affordable furniture. Decide what’s the most practical thing that matters to you, whether it’s the comfort of leather movie seats or a high-tech flat-screen TV. This will make it easier for you to prioritize and decide where most of your money should go.

Best Spot

Decide where you want your home theater system to be located. Consider using an attic, basement, or garage, as these areas tend to have fewer windows and are located away from the rest of the home design. Depending on the size, a free bedroom or another empty room can also work well. 

Room Light

Proper lighting can make your home theater feel more authentic. Install recessed lights, sconces, and LED lighting strips along the floor to make it look like a real theater. A few table lamps next to each chair will also help provide extra activity lighting when needed.

Distance from the screen

 No sumptuous furniture will enrich your viewing experience, such as placing the TV at the ideal distance from your living area. If your plasma screen is too close, you will start to see pixels on the screen. If it’s too far away, you can squeeze your eyes out of the screen and miss the finer image details in the movie. 

The rule of thumb is that the distance from the screen should be 1.5 to 2 times the diagonal width of the screen. So, if you have a 48-inch (measured diagonally) HD LED TV, you should ideally place the seating area within 8 feet or 96 inches of the screen (twice 48).  Screen distance can also be used in reverse – you can measure the length of your room and calculate the size of TV you need to buy. If you want a more accurate calculation of your room size and shield distance, go here.

Furniture Selection

The next important tips for home decor project is furniture The furniture in your home theater room will depend on the size of the room and the audience you will be entertaining. A set of comfortable reclining theater chairs with consoles is a good option for any design. They are available singly or in rows and can be curved or straight. Measure the room size to determine how many chairs you can add and what their size should be.

Cable Management 

Keep cords and cables and out of the way with good cable management. Zip ties and cord managers can hold cable bundles together, while a raceway along the floor keeps long cables and wires out of sight.

Movie Posters 

Choose promotional posters of your favorite movies and show them around the room. Whether it’s drama, action or horror movies, movie posters are a fantastic addition to your home theater. Look for poster frames to protect them and make them easier to hang on walls.


 From classic movie characters to superheroes, display stickers on your home theater wall shelves for a fun touch. It’s a great idea to add visual interest and create a movie-themed space. 


When painting the walls of your home theater, keep the color as dark as possible. Dark gray, brown, dark burgundy, or black are all great choices. This will prevent light from reflecting off the walls causing a dull look. 

Wall Art

 You cannot ignor the importance of wall art in home decor process. Hang wall art around the room, including fun movie-themed items like film reel paintings, classic theater icons or a painting of the famous was in Hollywood. Theater signs and metal wall sculptures are a fun way to spruce up this space.

Movie Collection

Display and store your DVD movie collection in your home theater room. You can use anything from built-in bookcases to wall shelves. Get creative and develop ways to store your collection around the room while saving floor space.

Ceiling Height 

Generally, a room with a high ceiling is excellent for watching Khaleesi riding his huge dragons in “Game of Thrones”. However, you can also set up your own theater in a room with a low ceiling like the basement. Simply opt for a large LCD or LED screen and a projector. Now that you have selected your room, it’s time to usage of the new season of “House of Cards”. The checklist includes an LCD and LED TV, surround sound, Blu-ray DVD player, internet connection to stream your favorite shows and movies, digital video recorder, cable and many more.


 Unless you feel comfortable with neighbors who often complain about noise or waking your child up watching the latest season of “The Walking Dead” at night, soundproofing your home is essential. That means installing acoustic wall panels to block noise and carpeting to relax and enjoy a smooth viewing of the latest comedy film. Good old drywall is also a good way to soundproof your swanky new home theater. Add soft curtains, a nice long rug and you have the perfect home theater. 


Don’t forget the snacks when setting up your home theater. Consider adding a cool popcorn maker on wheels and a mini fridge to always have cold drinks on hand. 


If you’re a collector, have fun displaying some of your most treasured memorabilia. It can be anything from promotional movie merchandise to ticket stubs you’ve collected from watching some of your favorite movies.I hope after reading this article you have enough knowledge about home decor.

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