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7 Best Modern Restaurant Design Ideas | Innovative Restaurant Designs

Are you looking for the best modern restaurant design ideas to make the interiors look attractive? Well, I’m here to help you with it! In this article, I have discussed the seven best modern and innovative restaurant designs that will bring in a great ambiance and attract a lot of customers as well. Let’s dive into the article and get to know about the best modern restaurant design ideas!

Modern Restaurant Design Ideas

1. Stunning Entryway

When creating the best modern restaurant design, the first thing you need to prioritize is the entryway. Because an inviting entryway is a way through which you can make your first impression the best! So, you must ensure that the entryway should be designed to reflect the identity of the restaurant in an eye-catching manner.

The crucial part of designing the best entryway is lighting, as it should show customers the way into the restaurant and showcase the brand as well. You can place a series of statement lamps or pendants creating a warm welcome. Here are some of the best ideas for creating the best impression for your restaurant.

  • Dynamic doorway: Install a movement door that opens uniquely, creating an inviting and futuristic entrance.
  • Art Entrance: Have a local artist create a vibrant mural that captures the essence of your restaurant, and greets guests with recognizable food.
  • Sculptural Sign: Create a 3D sign that doubles as art, to make your restaurant name memorable.
  • Light Tunnel: Create a simple tunnel with LED lights that change color, creating a transition from the outside world to your restaurant.


2. Accent Walls

One of the creative methods to make the best modern restaurant design is through an accent wall. Agree? So why t create one using different materials to catch the eyes of people who enter your restaurant?!

Moreover, accent walls are the ones that can be used to highlight architectural features, thereby complementing the interior design of the restaurant. The most chosen accent walls are the ones with textures, but you can opt for various other materials in order to make your accent wall look attractive! Using an accent wall is not just a visual element, but also a conversation starter and a backdrop for memorable moments. Here are some of the best ideas to make a good-looking accent wall for your restaurant.

  • Textured stone: Use natural stone overlays to create a feature wall that adds depth and character.
  • Vertical Gardens: Not only is a green wall stunning, but it also improves air quality.
  • Interactive LED wall: Install a wall with touch-enabled LEDs that respond to guests’ movements, creating an immersive experience.
  • Wine Display: A wall-mounted wine thermometer can be both functional and attractive.
  • Mosaic Art: Use tiles or reclaimed wood to create a mosaic to add a unique and handmade touch.
  • Wall Mural: Collaborate with artists to create walls or murals that reflect the restaurant’s theme or cuisine.

3. Bright Colors

Apart from the accent walls, there’s another feature that can greatly affect the restaurant’s ambiance. Bright colors! Using bright colors for your restaurant can energize the space, enhancing the mood of the staff and customers as well. Do you know that there are color concepts that can be used to stimulate hunger?! Yes, there are!

The colors like red and orange are known to be particularly effective in stimulating hunger. So, you can choose these colors to brighten up the restaurant space. However, the colors used should be balanced in order to avoid causing disturbance to the eyes of guests. Make it light at the same at appealing as well. Here’s how you can incorporate these colors into the interiors to make the best modern restaurant design!

  • Color Zoning: Use darker colors to define different dining areas or areas of the restaurant.
  • Furniture accents: Choose chairs or curtains in bright and contrasting colors to add pops of vibrancy.
  • Lighting fixtures: Choose lighting fixtures in vibrant colors that emit bright light and accentuate the mood.
  • Colorful Flooring: Install patterned wood or colorful carpet to warm up the floor space.
  • Neon signs: Use custom neon signs with catchy words or brightly colored restaurant names.
  • Painted Columns: Turn architectural columns into colorful works of art.

4. Greeneries

How about bringing in the greens to enhance the aesthetics of the restaurant?! Greeneries are a wonderful way to decorate your restaurant and enhance the air quality in your restaurant as well! Moreover, they bring a touch of nature indoors, creating a pleasant environment, especially in urban areas.

You can place the greeneries in several ways, from potted plants on tabletops to large installations that resemble living walls. Moreover, if you have a restaurant with an open floor plan, you can use these potted plants as dividers between dining spaces as well. Greeneries can also help with acoustics, absorbing sound and reducing noise. When you decide to bring in the greens, it is important to choose the right plants for the environment, taking into account things like lighting and maintenance. Here are the best ideas on how to bring in the greens to make the modern restaurant design!

  • Pendant planters: Hang planters from the ceiling to add greenery without taking up floor space.
  • Terrarium focal point: Use a terrarium as a table centerpiece for a small setting.
  • Green dividers: Use tall plants as dividers to keep pastures close together.
  • Living chandeliers: Design chandeliers with living plant designs for an organic, overhead look.
  • Green living walls: Decorate the entire walls with plants to make a great accent wall.

5. Modern Lighting

I would say that lighting is a powerful tool in making the best modern restaurant design! It is capable of changing the entire atmosphere at the flick of a switch! Modern lighting is flexible enough and can match different times of the day when used correctly. Moreover, it can be used to highlight architectural features and provide a better ambiance.

There are several options ranging from pendant lamps and chandeliers to recessed lamps and spotlights, that you may consider to have the best interior design. No matter what lighting you choose, make sure that it is an intelligent lighting system that provides control over color temperature and intensity, enabling a customized experience.

  • Smart Lighting: Use smart lighting systems that can change color and intensity depending on the time of day or event.
  • Geometric fixtures: Use geometric-shaped lighting fixtures for a modern, architectural look.
  • Industrial Pendants: Hang industrial-style pendant lights for a chic, urban vibe.
  • Interactive table lamps: Install interactive lamps that diners can adjust to suit their preferences.
  • Artistic Sconces: Install uniquely designed wall sconces that create an interesting effect.

6. Comfortable Seating

To provide a satisfying dining experience to the customers, apart from delicious food, comfortable seating plays an important role. Make sure you choose ergonomically designed sofas, and other seatings to support various body types to ensure comfort. When it comes to the seating arrangements, provide various options like a private cabin for couples, family tables, and communal dining as well for a better dining experience.

The materials you choose for seating should be durable yet comfortable, with accessories that add a touch of luxury. Moreover, the seating chairs should also reflect the aesthetics of the restaurant, whether it’s sleek or contemporary. Apart from the dining space, make sure to provide comfortable seating in the waiting area as well.

  • Ergonomic chairs: Invest in well-designed chairs that provide comfort for long meals.
  • Private Booths: Offer booths that offer adjustable privacy to create a customizable dining experience.
  • Swing Seats: Bring swing seats or hammocks to certain areas to add play.
  • Adjustable tables: Provide tables that can be adjusted in height to suit different types of chairs.
  • Bar stools with backs: Choose bar stools with legs with backs to maximize comfort at the bar.
  • Outdoor Seating: Use weatherproof but comfortable furniture for outdoor seating.

7. Minimalistic Decor Elements

Minimalism is a much-needed feature in a modern restaurant interior design.  The motto of a minimalistic interior for a restaurant is to create a clean and uncluttered space. Keeping the decor minimal, with neutral colors and natural materials is what minimalism is all about.

You can place artwork, if any, but should be carefully decorated to add interest without being cluttered. The goal is to create a peaceful atmosphere with the food and guests being the stars of the show. Minimalism isn’t non-reproductive, it is about creating a space that feels open, airy, and welcoming!

  • Sleek shelving: Use open and sleek shelving units to display minimal furniture or functional items like wine glasses.
  • Monochromatic palette: Stick to a monochromatic color scheme with subtle changes in texture and tone.
  • Simple table design: Choose clean, simple lines in tableware and flatware.
  • Uncluttered furniture: Keep surfaces out of clutter, and only use a few well-chosen decorative items.
  • Simple Space: Embrace negative space in the design to make the restaurant feel spacious and uncluttered.
  • Well-designed lighting: Choose a narrow set of lights that provide plenty of light without being obtrusive.