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7 Best Office Wall Paper Designs!

If you are looking for the best office wall paper designs, well, you have arrived at the right place! Because, in this article, I have come up with the 7 best wallpaper designs that would perfectly suit your office walls and enhance the ambiance greatly. Keep reading the article further and explore the best wallpaper designs!

Office Wall Paper Designs

1. Rustic Office Wall Paper Designs

Rustic office wallpaper designs are the ones that bring a feeling of warmth and comfort to the office as they have natural textures and colors on them. You can find colors of natural materials such as wood, stone, and natural fibers incorporated into them, making your office look attractive and pleasing.

The best part about these office wallpaper designs is they provide a peaceful environment that reduces stress and improves productivity. They are perfect for offices that want to create a sense of community and togetherness as well. Here are some of the best examples of rustic office wall paper designs to elevate your office space.

  • Vintage wooden planks: Imitate the look of antique wooden planks for a touch of rustic charm.
  • Ancient Maps: Use wallpapers with old-world maps, perfect for a global business-related office.
  • Distressed Brick: A faux brick design with a distressed finish can add an urban yet rustic feel.
  • Worn Stone: Create a natural stone wall look that brings the outdoors inside.
  • Barn Door Slats: Wallpaper that looks like barn door slats can add a farmhouse vibe.
  • Rustic patina: Choose a design that looks like metal that looks weathered and oxidized.

2. Marble Office Wall Paper Designs

Marble office wallpaper designs are among the best choices for office walls that effectively enhance the ambiance. The reason is, that marble has been associated with luxuriousness and prestige for centuries. So it is indeed a wise choice to opt for the marble wallpaper designs to enhance the overall aesthetics of the office interior design.

Moreover, they provide a backdrop that is both visually stunning and subtly impressive. The marble texture can also be relaxing, enhancing the peacefulness of the office. Whether you choose classic white marble, sleeky black, or colorful marble, these wallpapers can elevate the look of any office and create an impression on clients and employees!

  • Gold Veins: These are the marble wall paper designs that are inlaid with gold for a hint of glamour.
  • Stormy Marble: Dark gray marble wallpaper with lightning-like veins for a striking effect.
  • Emerald Elegance: A green marble wallpaper design that creates a sense of luxury and luxury.
  • Sunset Marble: A warm marble wall paper that reflects the color of the sunset.
  • Terra Marble: Earth-toned marble that creates an earthy, natural feel in the office.

3. Geometric Office Wall Paper Designs

Implementing a Geometric office wall paper design is all about creating visual interest and an energetic feel in the office. As far as geometric designs are concerned, you can choose to have shapes from simple to complex, each bringing unique strengths to the workplace. Geometric wallpapers are especially effective in modern and contemporary office spaces, that tend to have innovative interiors.

The advantage of using geometric wallpaper designs for office interiors is that they can stimulate the mind and encourage creative thinking, making them suitable for successful careers in innovation. Moreover, natural geometric shapes like hexagons can greatly enhance the office’s ambiance.

  • Modern Angles: Sharp angles and clean lines can help create a modern look for your office interiors.
  • Circular Logic: Circles that connect in muted tones to create a striking pattern.
  • Hexagonal Hive: The shape of a honeycomb that brings in the natural feel inside the office.
  • Art Deco: Geometric shapes from the Art Deco era add a touch of charm.
  • Triangle Tesselation: A simple triangle design for a dynamic background.

4. Colorful Murals Office Wall Paper Designs

Colorful mural office wallpaper designs can transform a normal office into a vibrant and sleeky environment. You can choose a colorful mural wallpaper that is motivating and can boost employee morale. This is also a method to allow companies to express their creativity and personality.

The colorful murals are especially effective in public spaces in the office, such as rest areas or meeting places, where they can spark conversation and create a sense of community. By incorporating colorful murals into the interior design of the office, companies can create a unique and memorable work environment that stands out!

  • Cityscape Colors: Choose bright and vibrant murals depicting urban landscapes.
  • Abstract Art: Try using a colorful wallpaper that showcases highly imaginative abstract art.
  • Cultural Tapestry: Choose a wallpaper that has colorful murals celebrating different cultures.
  • Mountain Glory: You can also select a wallpaper that has colorful mountains that inspire curiosity and aspiration.

5. Lush Green Office Wall Paper Designs

Want to have a pleasing office interior? Then why not try the wallpaper designs with lush green images?! They bring a natural calm and energy to a room, which can positively impact the mood and the productivity of the employees. Moreover, green is known for its calming properties and ability to reduce eye strain, making it an ideal choice for office space.

You can choose to have various natural scenic beauties ranging from leaf patterns to forest greens, that can create a peaceful atmosphere in the office. It is especially useful in urban workplaces where access to natural green spaces may be limited. Green wallpapers can also ensure biophilic design principles aimed at increasing residents’ connection with nature. This makes it an ideal wallpaper design for living rooms as well.

  • Botanical delights: A variety of green and foliage plants touching nature.
  • Green Geometry: Geometric patterns with shades of green for a modern, natural look.
  • Olive Orchard: Olive trees in the wallpapers can give you a Mediterranean feel.
  • Leafy Lines: Beautiful leafy-lined wallpapers can effectively enhance the office’s ambiance.

6. Map Murals Office Wall Paper Designs

Map murals are one of the best office wallpaper designs that can be incorporated into the office walls to encourage global thinking. If you are running an educational or travel business, then these map mural wallpaper designs are the right choice!

It can be customized to highlight specific regions of the project or to convey an artistic interpretation of the world. By choosing a map wallpaper, offices can create a space that reflects the idea of ​​exploration and discovery as well.

  • World Explorer: A wall map of the world that inspires global thinking.
  • Nautical Charts: Classic nautical charts for a nautical theme.
  • Historic Map: An ancient map that adds a bit of history and depth.
  • Cartographic Colors: An informative and beautiful brightly colored political map.
  • Continental Outlook: Focused maps of the continents with a beautiful distortion.

7. Skyline Office Wall Paper Designs

Skyline office wallpaper designs are the ones that bring the energy and ambition of the city into the office. They capture the essence of city life, as well as the tall buildings and busy streets to showcase the busy environment of the office. These wallpapers can inspire and motivate employees by reminding them of the great opportunities that exist outside the office walls.

Moreover, the skyline wallpapers can also create connections between local communities or global cities, creating a broader worldview. They are the best office wallpaper designs that enhance the mood and positively affect the productivity of the employees!

  • Urban skyline: a panoramic view of the skyline of a famous city.
  • Architectural accents: iconic buildings and structures as focal points.
  • Night lighting: Urban scenes at night with bright lights create a vibrant atmosphere.
  • Global Metropolis: A collection of skyline maps of cities around the world.