Best 13 Tourist Places in Coimbatore for One Day Trip

Located in Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore boasts magnificent natural surroundings. Nestled in the depths of the Ghats, this city is surrounded by the finest of South India.

Popular tourist destinations such as Ooty, Tiruppur, Palakkad, Pollachi, and Mettupalayam are all within close proximity for a convenient tourist places in coimbatore for one day trip.

This charming hill station showcases nature’s beauty from every angle. With lush rainforests, picturesque valleys, breathtaking waterfalls and flowing streams, Coimbatore has much to offer.

For those considering a trip down south, be sure to include a stop in Coimbatore along the way. As the misty ambience, redolent of coffee and spices, envelops you, take in the nearby attractions that make Coimbatore a popular tourist places.

With multiple options to explore, plan to spend a few days and add a day excursion to your itinerary. These nearby destinations are easily accessible and promise an unforgettable experience. Discover the tourist places in coimbatore for one day trip that will undoubtedly inspire you to return again soon!

Tourist Places in Coimbatore for One Day Trip

1. Siruvani Waterfalls | 35.5 km

Siruvani waterfall is a popular tourist places in coimbatore, especially during the Monsoon season. Located near Coimbatore, it makes for a perfect one-day trip. This attraction, built in 1927, has a significant role in providing water to the city.

Standing at an impressive height of 49.53 feet and elevation of 878.5 meters above sea level, it offers stunning views of its surroundings. The picturesque Muthukulam Hill adds to the charm of this dam.

2. Vaidehi Falls | 26.1 km

Located in the Narasipuram village near Coimbatore, Vaidehi Waterfall is a perfect getaway in the Nilgiris. There is a wonderful picnic spot by the waterfalls which makes an ideal spot to hang around with family or friends. The good news is that there is also a natural waterslide near the waterfalls. The waterfalls make a perfect tourist places in coimbatore for one day trip.

3. Black Thunder Theme Park | 38.1 km

If you love thrilling rides and are adventurous, then you need to visit Black Thunder Water Park! There are three railway stations nearby: Coimbatore, Tiruppur, and Mettupalayam. Hotels are available within park premises. There are also facilities here for corporate meetings, a play zone for children, and green lawns.

4. Palakkad Fort | 51.8 km

Due to its historical importance, Tipu’s Fort is one of the best tourist places in coimbatore for one day trip. It was constructed during the reign of the Mysore dynasty in the 18th century by Hyder Ali. In honor of Hyder’s son, Tipu Sultan, the fort is named after him. It is now preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India and is an important tourist places in the Palakkad region.

5. Malampuzha Dam and Garden | 54.0 km

Nestled along the River Malampuzha lies a captivating tourist places in coimbatore for one day trip. Its charm lies in its use of unconventional materials for its intricate structures, such as cans, bottles, plastic, and tiles.

The park also boasts sparkling pools, lush lawns, stunning fountains, beautiful flower beds, and charming pathways. These features make it a must-see destination. When seeking out the most breathtaking places near Coimbatore, be sure not to overlook this gem.

6. Monkey Falls | 70.9 km

Monkey Falls, situated off the Valparai Road near Aliyar Dam, is a thrilling weekend tourist places in coimbatore for one day trip. Offering refreshing water and an exhilarating display of rapids, it is surrounded by the tranquil Anamalai Hills and lush evergreen forests, making it the perfect retreat for anyone in need of rejuvenation.

A permit from forest officials in Pollachi is required to enter the waterfall area, but once inside, you will be transported to one of the top hill stations in Chennai. Please note that entry into the waterfall area is only permitted until 6 pm. With options for trekking and picnicking, this spot is a must-visit on any list of tourist places in coimbatore for one day trip.

7. Thirumoorthy Temple | 81.3 km

The holy shrine has waterfalls all around it and is situated at the foot of the Thirumoorthy hills. Panjalinga waterfalls can be reached after climbing over the hills. The temple is 20 kms. from Udumalaipettai (on the Palani-Coimbatore Highway). It is accessible by bus from Udumalpet.

8. Parambikulam Tiger Reserve | 83.5 km

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, situated in the Chittur taluk, is one of the top weekend tourist places in coimbatore for one day trip. This reserve offers a variety of activities for you to engage in, such as trekking and jungle safari.

It is an ideal spot for families, friends, and couples to immerse themselves in nature and observe wildlife. Interestingly, this reserve boasts the world’s tallest and oldest teak tree. Are you feeling the urge to visit already? Don’t hesitate any longer and book your trip to this nearby tourist places in Coimbatore now.

9. Doddabetta Peak | 91.2 km

In addition to its scenic views, Doddabetta Peak has attracted several trekkers and nature enthusiasts due to its altitude of 8,606 feet. You can also visit the Telescope House to see amazing views of the Nilgiris Hills. If you are looking tourist places in coimbatore for one day trip, you can visit Doddabetta Peak and get in touch with nature.

10. Amaravathi Dam | 91.7 km

Do you wonder why you should visit a dam? The Amaravathi Dam is extremely important in Tirrupur as it is used to control flooding as well as irrigation. The dam and adjacent lake of this destination also have Mugger Crocodiles living in them. This is another interesting fact about this destination.

11. Valparai | 108.2 km

Valparai is a hill station in Tamil Nadu that is close to the Anamalai mountains and neighboring tea farms in the Western Ghats. Parambikulam, a tiger reserve forest area in Kerala’s northwest, is home to Indian elephants, tigers, and teak plantations and footpaths. Elephants, macaques, tigers, and panthers can all be found in the northeastern Annamalai Tiger Reserve, which is close to Valparai.

12. Kappad Beach | 193.2 km

A popular beach in the state, Kappad Beach is said to have been visited by Vasco da Gama in 1948, which led to a long-lasting relationship between India and Portugal that lasted for at least five centuries. The beach is also known for its natural beauty and you will find true peace sitting here while the waves touch your feet.

13. Kotagiri | 66.7 km

A beautiful hill station located in Tamil Nadu, Kotagiri is located in the Nilgiris district at a height of 5,882 feet. In its literal meaning, Kotagiri means ‘mountains of the Kotas’, meaning it is the traditional home of the Kota tribe. There are surreal meadows, the Moyar River, and also the meadow.