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Six Luxury bathroom Trends That’ll Blow Your Mind

There is one thing that every luxury bathroom design has common, and that is its ability to make us feel great. A luxury bathroom makes you want to breathe a sigh of relief. There’re so many ideas to add that essential element of luxury touch to your bathroom.

Whether your theme is serene or subtle, daring or bold, our luxury bathroom ideas will have you inspired to make your bathroom always dreamed of.

Walls and flooring

If you are carrying out complete decor, one of our luxury bathroom design ideas is to think carefully about the colors and materials for your flooring and walls. Nothing exudes opulence more than marble tiles, so you might wish to cover flooring and walls with the classic material for a look that’s timelessly elegant.

Alternatively, you’d keep it simple with subtle hues in colors of whites or grey and add a statement of tile to your bathroom flooring. If you have got a bigger space, darker colors such as blacks and deep blue work amazingly, particularly when paired with pops of regal gold for fitting and fixtures.


Making use of natural light is the simple idea to improve your existing bath and the ideal method to enrich your interior. White shade reflects light, so if you wish to achieve an elegant and sophisticated style you’d think of coordinating your bath fixtures with all-white.

Hang a charming chandelier for quick elegance and place your candles around the bathroom to add a warm flicker. With the addition of soft lights in your bath design, you will have a well-lit, stunning bath time retreat before you know it.

Add Unique Designer Sculptures

Adding designer sculptures and ornaments to your bath will always make a statement and bring a certain personal feel to the bath. These artistic items can simply improve the overall look and decor of your bath and help tie the space combine.

They will also bring a unique quality to your bath making it an interesting spot to be. No matter if your bathroom is contemporary or more advanced, there will be a sculpture out there to rightly complement both the space and your character.

Soft furnishings

The easiest method to decor your bathroom design with a hint of charm is to concentrate on the bathroom furnishings and fixtures. For a spa-like, feeling each day, consider swapping your old room towels for new, cozy linen and lavish robes to soften and space and include a touch of coordinated color.

Update your mat in bathroom and throw away shower curtains that have seen superior now. These simple and easy swaps with latest lavish furnishings will make a whole difference to your opulent design.

Use Bathroom Mirrors

Decorative mirrors are a key part of a bathroom and they’ve the power to either break or make space. For small bathrooms, mirrors do a great job of creating a bigger perception of the room. Be careful not to go overboard by putting 2 mirrors facing one another or you’d end up creating an infinity mirror-touch which can be slightly distracting.Don’t ever skip this luxury bathroom design.

For a lavish bath, forget your usual mirror and pick something unique and artistic to make a focal point. From bevel-edged mirrors to metal framed to marble, there’re several different methods to make your bathroom truly stand out whilst fitting rightly with the interior.

Update your Bathroom Accessories

Lastly, the bathroom space is complete without some lavish designer bathroom accessories. Long gone are the times of choosing up a basic soap dispenser or toothbrush holder. Now, these accessories are made from a range of different materials in various styles – have a style complement to deliver.

From glass Jars with charming touch to mother of pearl trinket trays and rattan storage boxes to leather waste bins, the possibilities are endless.

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