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Large Wall Art: 13 Best Ideas to Supersize Your Style with Large Wall Art

Embracing the potential of large wall art is the first step towards transforming your area from ordinary to spectacular. We’ll share the greatest tips in this guide to help you maximize your style and reach new heights with your home décor. These creative ideas will encourage you to let your imagination go wild and leave a lasting impact, whether you’re looking for a statement piece for your bedroom or a focus point for your living area. Let’s look at how you may use the impact of large wall art to give your home a touch of personality, charm, and refinement in every area.

Large Wall Art Décor Ideas

Since furniture makes a space functional and comfortable, we’d say it’s an essential part of a home (apart from the roof, of course). the right pieces can bring personality, intrigue, inspiration, and dimension to your home. Plus, we’re fans of how a big statement piece can be transformative. If your wall is blank and you really want to give it a fascinating look, check out these stunning canvas wall art ideas which really appeal you to dare with unconventional decor, abstract pieces, eclectic photo galleries or large-scale photography, as well. Any ideas on how you might want to display them.

1. Liven up Living Room with Large Wall Art

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to display a favorite piece, just above the sofa in the living room is a great idea because you spend a lot of time there, as do guests. We love how playful this piece is, thanks to the whimsical layering of the large wall art  and wallpaper pattern. The eye-catching splash of color is also a nice touch.

2. Go Bold and Bright Geometric Large Wall Art

For a high-impact breakfast nook, consider hanging a larger piece with lots of geometric shapes, bright colors, and endless details you’ll want to admire over the years. 

3. Frame Your Photos

 Mixing your photos with framed photographs will create an interesting dynamic between casual and formal, while filling that sacred sleeping space with sentimental value. The asymmetrical layout pays homage to the lived-in feel achieved by the mirror on the sloping floor and the comfortable, unmade neutral linens.

4. Maximalist Decor with Large wall Art

As gorgeous as the wall art and antique mirror are, the painted floor almost steals the show; even when paired, the effect is anything but boring. Instead, the look is dramatic in a free-form way that contrasts the traditional, formal elements of the room while complementing the refined yet traditional drama of the room’s high ceilings, intricate gilt carvings, and brick fireplace. It means don’t hesitate to have rich color palettes or ornate details.

5. Play With Continuity 

Mixing various room elements room together is a perfect way to decide what to decorate with. We love how the wall art picks up on the abstract design of the rug. The off-center placement also creates intriguing dimension without deviating from the color palette or stealing too much of the show.

6. Narrative Curating

The gallery Large  wall art makes this piece truly breathtaking and at the same time creates an appropriate narrative. As this is where residents gather to eat, each print features flowers produced and edible. The neat placement and repeating pattern of side-by-side frames creates a relaxing environment. Think about the type of story you want your piece to tell and find pieces that reflect that.

7. Fabric Wall Hangings

Gone are the days of the college dorm where tapestries were hung as decoration; today’s woven tapestries are super colorful, stylish, and impactful. You can create a fantastic woven tapestry with a weaving kit from your favorite local craft store, but many manufacturers offer custom designs, so you can choose the perfect colors, size, and textures for your space.

8. Reuse Accent Pieces as Large Wall Art

Accent pieces and mirrors can also function as works of art. For example, this curved coat rack is a great example of a functional piece that adds visual intrigue. At the same time, the mirror fills the empty space and amplifies the entire entryway by reflecting the large wall art in the dining room across the street. Of course, the artwork doesn’t have to be the focal point of the room for the job to get done.

9. Book Collection

If you’re a total bibliophile, you might find it hard to part with your books once you’ve finished reading them. So why not make your collection double duty? Displaying your beloved books on an extra-large bookshelf or wall shelving system can add some serious texture, color, and visual interest to a large empty wall. Some unique ways to view them include arranging the covers in a “ROY G BIV” rainbow pattern; turn all the pages for a broad, neutral view; or add tchotchkes and plants between groups of books.

10. Scale Art

You can achieve big visual impact without putting a million nails in the walls or spending a small fortune. Do you want to make a real investment? Buy a great piece of large wall art that you absolutely love and won’t want to replace with anything else in a year or two. Would you love to change the decor of your house? Large-scale technical prints from your local printer are an affordable way to fill your wall space without breaking the bank. Plus, you don’t feel so guilty exchanging them for something new after a few months.

11. Murals

A hand painted mural, whether you do it yourself or leave it to the professionals, is a great way to add depth, color and interest to walls of any size. Murals are especially clever for an oddly shaped space where furniture or artwork can be difficult to fit.

12. Wallpaper

No, today’s wallpaper isn’t your grandma’s pink daisy print wallpaper. Whether you go the traditional route with royal wallpaper (glue and all!) or opt for a more temporary wallpaper, today’s options come in super stylish canvas prints, colors and patterns. Try wallpapering one large wall or wallpapering your entire room for some serious drama.

13. Banners and Streamers

Sometimes the simplest home decor can be the most impactful. Draping a homemade flag or banner over your child’s bed is a whimsical, fun, and simple way to add texture and color to any empty space. Simply tuck in handmade pennants or tassels of yarn or string, and you’re done. Plus, the banners are so lightweight that you don’t have to worry about them falling off and hurting your child in the middle of the night.