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7 Top Architects in Kolkata | Best Kolkata Architects

Known as one of the oldest and culturally rich cities in India, Kolkata offers visitors a glimpse into stunning colonial architecture. But it’s not just historical buildings that draw people in; modern structures such as the Newtown School and Rice Office also leave a lasting impression.

With its diverse population of different religions and ethnicities, Kolkata is also home to some of the most talented interior designers in the country. To help you achieve a budget-friendly home makeover, we have compiled a list of the 7 top  architects in kolkata.

Kolkata, known as the “City of Joy,” is where rich history blends with modern architecture. Boasting a plethora of architectural gems gracing its landscape, it’s no wonder that the city is home to some of India’s top architects in kolkata.

These firms have been instrumental in shaping the city’s skyline and have gained recognition for their cutting-edge designs and sustainable practices.

Here are the 7 top architects in Kolkata / architecture firms  for those seeking the best in architectural expertise. Each firm mentioned has a track record of delivering exceptional projects. If we may have overlooked any, please feel free to let us know. Cheers!

Architectural Wonders of Kolkata

A rich tapestry of architectural diversity unfolds in Kolkata, from the iconic Victoria Memorial to the historic Howrah Bridge. The city evokes memories of bygone eras while whispering of contemporary dreams.

A league of top  architects in kolkata and architectural firms contribute their ingenuity to redefine Kolkata’s skyline amidst this vibrant backdrop.

Best Architects in Kolkata

Explore the impressive contributions of  top architects in kolkata and building designers, beginning with the visionary work of top Kolkata architects, on the following pages.

1. Abin Design Studio

With the goal of providing a Soul in the Shell, ADS understands that architecture encompasses more than just creation; it also involves thorough research.

They view it as an ongoing process that delves into social aspects, explores the relationship between space and form, plays with light and shadows, and harmonizes with nature and the environment.

Guided by their principal architect, ADS strives to design holistically, pushing boundaries of thought, influencing the socio-cultural landscape, and creating spatial constructs that challenge traditional notions of architecture’s role in society.

In its ten years of operation, ADS has received numerous accolades for its completed projects, including being chosen by the Museum of Modern Arts (MOMA), New York for their publication and travel exhibition titled Uneven Growth: Tactical Urbanisms for Expanding Megacities.

Abin Design Studio

2. Mrinalini Architects

Mrinalini Architects, established in 2014 by Ar. Sailangi Mukherjee (B.Arch and M.Arch) and Diganta Sarmah (B.Arch), has made a significant impact in the field of top architects in the kolkata.

Their impressive portfolio includes a wide range of projects, from residential developments to government facilities, art studios to tea estates.

The firm’s involvement varies, from providing consultancy services to taking on turnkey responsibilities. They have worked on notable locations such as Kolkata, Newtown, Domjur, Guwahati, Dibrugarh, Bongaigaon, and other areas in West Bengal and Assam.

Mrinalini Architects


3. BlueMasons

A top interior design and top architects in the kolkata, BlueMasons is another option for you if you need top-quality interior decoration in Kolkata.

Their teams for furniture, false ceilings, flooring, paint and polish, electrical and plumbing work are highly skilled and have at least 4-5 years of experience. It is also possible for them to create 3D plans and layouts so you can see what their designs will look like before it is implemented.


4. ArcOn Design

ArcOn Design is a team of diverse top architects in the kolkata with a strong belief in sensitive and creative designs. Their design philosophy advocates for responsible, waste-free, and eco-friendly living. They prioritize maintaining a delicate balance in life and strive to make only necessary interventions.

As part of their commitment to promoting design awareness, ArcOn Design’s Architectural Structural and Design Management R&D wing conducts educational initiatives such as podcasts, blogs, seminars, video tutorials, webinars, and structured courses for students, design enthusiasts, and the general public.

ArcOn Design

5. Houseyog Architects and Interior Studio

Houseyog is a premier provider of tailor-made top architects in the kolkata, catering to clients in India and beyond at competitive rates.

With a seamless approach to designing homes and spaces, Houseyog strives to make the experience both affordable and effortless by providing all the necessary resources and expertise for building, decorating, or renovating spaces.

In addition, the company boasts a vast collection of ready-made house plans expertly crafted by experienced architects and engineers.

Houseyog Architects and Interior Studio

6. Dulal Mukherjee & Associates

Dulal Mukherjee and Associates, a top architects in the kolkata, has been successfully operating for over 40 years with a team of 50+ talented individuals, including skilled architects and other professionals.

Their diverse portfolio showcases various projects such as corporate offices, bungalows, high-rise buildings, government and institutional spaces, restorations, and adaptive reuse.

Their impact on Kolkata’s architectural scene has been significant. Furthermore, their involvement in numerous competition projects resulted in a victory in the Assam Assembly competition.

Dulal Mukherjee & Associates

7. Square

Square is dedicated to supporting its clients in finding distinct solutions to their concerns. In today’s heavily commercialized and standardized environment, the significance and urgency of tailored design are often overlooked.

Nonetheless, every design challenge presents its own unique complexities that require a resourceful yet pragmatic approach for resolution.

Through the utilization of cutting-edge software and technical knowledge, Square strives to deliver optimal results for its clients. As a highly-regarded architectural firm, SQUARE Architects boasts an impressive record of successful projects across multiple industries.

Their team of skilled architects and designers has earned acclaim for their iconic contributions to the city’s urban landscape.


We discover Kolkata’s fusion of tradition and modernity as we explore its architectural wonders.

We invite you on this journey to appreciate the architectural brilliance that defines Kolkata, and how these 7 top  architects in kolkata contribute to its visual appeal and shape its future.