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8 Top Architects in Pune | Best Architects in Pune

Indian architecture reflects the varied past of a country with a vast geography and long, complicated history. Modernist top architects in pune became a symbol of the country’s move away from the past after decolonization and independence in the mid-20th century.

Although there were only 300 trained architects in 1947 when the country had a population of 330 million, there are over 90,000 registered architects today with a population of 1.38 billion.

As urban areas rapidly expand and wealth pours in, architects projects are on the rise. While skyscrapers stand tall, landscape design is also gaining significant recognition.

The country’s design history has traditionally been influenced by outsiders, but today, Indian architects are driving the conversation and fostering a remarkable design scene in their own country and beyond. With a multitude of architects firm to select from, clients face the difficulty of selecting top industry leaders who will best suit their project requirements.

This is a list of the 7 top  Architects in Pune for those looking for the top architects in Pune. Each of these firms is a leader in producing outstanding architectural projects. Note that the names are not ranked in any way. We may have missed a few, so feel free to contact us if you would like to see any other firms added to the list. Cheers!

Top Architects in Pune

1. CCBA Designs

Founded by the forward-thinking Professor Christopher Charles Benninger, CCBA Designs (formerly known as Christopher Charles Benninger Architects stands as a prime example of architectural ingenuity, proficiency, and a dedication to perfection.

Boasting an impressive collection of over 70 national and international accolades, CCBA Designs consistently redefines the boundaries of architecture. Their extensive portfolio encompasses a wide range of projects including urban planning, educational campuses, corporate headquarters, hotels, and resorts.

With a presence across the globe and projects spanning India and beyond, each creation exudes innovation, functionality, and an unwavering tenacity.

CCBA Designs

2. Aijaz Hakim Workspaces

AHA is a dynamic design company that focuses on both interior and architects design. Their approach to the field is refreshingly unconventional, as evidenced by their portfolio of projects.

They carefully select their workload based on the client’s needs and the complexity of the project. Most importantly, their clients appreciate their commitment to delivering exceptional results and our meticulous attention to detail, which adds value to each project.

Aijaz Hakim Workspaces

3. Group Phi

The firm holds the belief that achieving complete client satisfaction is the key to success for any project, whether it involves campus planning, interior design, or architects.

This feat can only be accomplished by fully dedicating oneself to the project and carefully considering all of the client’s requirements from the very beginning of the planning and design process.

By doing so, a comprehensive and well-executed design can be achieved that meets all criteria for form, function, and aesthetics. The firm maintains this level of dedication and importance for all projects, regardless of their size, in order to uphold our standards of excellence in quality and design.

Group Phi

4. Space it Up

The creations of Space it Up are known for their lively hues, intricate intricacies, and expertly crafted interior and exterior areas. The company was established in 2012 by Ar Chetan Lahoti, along with his partner Ar Anand Deshmukh, who is also the co-founder of Mind Manifestation Design.

Based in Pune, this interior design firm specializes in various fields such as commercial, institutional, and residential buildings. Their work has been featured on renowned international platforms including Archdaily, Dezeen, Architectural Digest, Design Detail, Volume Zero, and others.

Space it Up

5. PMA Madhushala

Madhushala, established by Prasanna Morey and Divya Jyoti, is a space that encourages dreaming, playing, discovering, exploring, building, breaking, sharing, and inspiring others.

The founders have a deeply spiritual approach to their work and embrace an open-ended practice. Their efforts have been recognized with numerous accolades, including the prestigious IIA National awards.

Additionally, their work has been featured in various international publications. It has become a highly respected and well-known brand in the field of architects in Pune.

PMA Madhushala

6. Studio Course

At Studio Course, we firmly believe in the influential role of architecture and design on our perception and engagement with a space. Similarly, these spaces and their atmospheres also play a significant role in shaping us.

Our practice is centered around cultivating a thoughtful mindset that allows us to communicate effectively with various design elements.

This approach serves as a narrative and framework to guide the progress and evolution of our work, providing solutions for navigating any challenges that may arise during the creative process.

Studio Course

7. Studio VDGA

The next architects in pune on our list, seamlessly incorporates art into their architectural designs. Founded in 2004 by Deepak Guggari and his wife Varsha, after 6 years of experience at CCBA, Studio VDGA currently has various projects in progress.

These include hospitality, institutional, residential, corporate interior design and redevelopment ventures. Their main goal is to create enduring spaces that bring balance, joy, and tranquility to users’ lives through designs that prioritize their needs and environment.

Studio VDGA

8. Groud 11

At Ground 11, we thrive on tackling projects with unique challenges and the need for innovative, creative solutions. Pranav Iyer and his team excel at conceptualizing, designing, and executing signature projects in various countries and cultures.

Our international design solutions seamlessly integrate regional technology and procedures. Each project created by our teams in India and the US is a design competition where we develop different interpretations of the brief into unifying themes that preserve the core of the design.

Groud 11

Architects in Pune play a vital role in shaping the city’s current architectural and landscape development. With their expertise in both architecture and planning, they are able to create unique and eco-friendly structures.

In fact, these architects possess the knowledge and skills necessary to overcome specific challenges facing Pune, such as overcrowding and limited space.

By offering creative solutions, they enhance the city’s aesthetic appeal, functionality, and overall progress. Ultimately, their contributions not only help define Pune’s identity but also improve the quality of life for its inhabitants.