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10 Bathroom Decor Ideas for a Quick Makeover

10 Bathroom Decor Ideas for a Quick Makeover

Bathroom is your personal place that are meant to reflect your personality and make an iconic statement overall. If you are tired of seeing your dreary and boring bathroom every day, now is the time to give it a decorative touch. Believe it or not, bathroom makeovers alone can really make a huge impact on overall home decor without impacting much on your budget. There are so many ways to try out to take your bath decor up to an elevated level. 


To redesign a restroom in a way that is both gorgeous and functional, you need to start with a few key elements. Let’s start with the most basic Bathroom Decor Ideas for a Quick Makeover. 


Start with a wallpaper 

The first is to add wallpaper. If you already have one on the wall, replace it with some fresh and trendy colours or patterns to give your complete bath a facelift. Whether you choose to go with a traditional floral pattern or something more modern, wallpaper will help pull the entire room together.

Create an accent wall 

The second element is creating an accent wall. This can be any colour you want it to be as long as it contrasts with the rest of the room. You can also use patterns on this wall for added interest. Make sure to keep other walls as simple as possible. 

Opt for frameless shower areas 


Another simple tactic for bathroom uplifting is opting for frameless shower areas if possible. These look much more modern than traditional shower doors and save you money by eliminating the need for hardware such as hinges and rollers.


Hang exquisite artwork

Artwork wall hangings are not only for the modern living room design decor. The tranquil beach pattern unifies the bathroom’s colour scheme and creates a soothing atmosphere in the bathing corner. So, do not shy to hang some in there as well. 


Give it a spa look 

No doubt, a few easy aesthetic additions may transform your bathroom into a luxurious retreat. Add up a stunning gold starburst pendant lighting or scoones and floor-to-ceiling draperies, and see how your space will be transformed into a standalone zone for hot showers and massages. 

Try floating shelves


Floating shelves are perfect for displaying Decorating Ideas such as vases and candles in the bathroom.  Floating shelves give more storage space without taking up much space on the wall itself, when you have shelves, there are no holes needed for hanging towels or robes from hooks on walls which can damage paintwork over time when exposed to moisture from steam after a hot, best install floating shelves. If you’re not certain about their installation process, find tutorials online on Youtube to grasp the idea. 

Create a gallery wall 


Creating a gallery wall works equally stunning in the bathroom as they give a beautiful makeover to the stairway or the lounge. Earthy tone colours and natural sceneries look prominent in the bathroom decor, but the most striking element is creating a black and white gallery wall filled with nature-inspired paintings.

Try a calming color palette 


When it comes to sprucing up your powder room, a new colour scheme can do wonders. Try a soft and calming colour palette such as soft pink and black with transition metals will soothe the senses. Your little bathroom Design Inspiration will be given a luxurious feel when complimenting with antique brass swing arm sconces.


Put empty spaces in use 

Put empty walls or spaces in use. For example, a bare wall in the bathroom can be now used for storage. Install a coat rack there, where towels can be hung directly outside of the shower. You can keep your favourite books or cosmetics in the french style benches. 

Give some bold touches


Bathrooms tend to be neutral spaces with boring tiles, white walls and sometimes too much light coming in through windows. This makes them feel cold and uninviting. To create a bold statement, add some bold color or rich texture on the wall or floor. You should also try out different bold BathRoom design ideas for the shower curtain or rug in your bathroom. 


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